Nairobi Capital City

Nairobi has worked endlessly to take away its derogatory global reputation and this is a region where few tourists come to visit. A poor Nairobi tale seems to have been read by everyone; few seem to recognize its appeal. Kenya’s capital is the most common entry point for the whole region, with East Africa’s largest airport. A large number of tourists come here, typically only for a single night before they head for the safari or for their departure flight home. Nairobi blends perspectives by supplying the whole country with a microcosm. Views of the wild game and the renowned encounters of saved giraffes are in the affluent outer suburbs. You can go to Karen Blixen’s place, prod the giraffe through his dormitory doors, and look around at the luxuriant Nairobi valley for a long time. Throughout the town you will find great dining restaurants and places that show how Nairobi is definitely the most established city outside South Africa in sub-Saharan Africa. Come visit Nairobi’s capital and you will be shocked with all the amazing attractions and the serenity of this city.