Nakasero Hill Kampala

Nakasero hill is one of the seven hills of Kampala. It is located in the city centre with Kampala’s central business district and many other government offices. It is bordered by other hills of Kampala which include Mulago sitting on the northern side, Makerere in the northwest, Old Kampala to the west, Mengo and Namirembe to the southwest, Nsambya is in the south, Kibuli to the southeast and Kololo is in the eastern direction.

Nakasero got its name from a Luganda word “ebisero” which refers to locally woven baskets. It is said that a group of ladies used to weave the local baskets form this hill and sell them to different parts of the country and the continent. People started calling this place “ewobusero” and later on modified to Nakasero.

There are two state houses in Uganda and one is located on this Nakasero hill Kampala while the other is located in Entebbe. Lower parts of the hill on the southern and western sides largely host commercial and ordinary business activities including shops, public transport stations, hospitals and restaurants. As you get close to the top of the hill, there are government buildings including the Parliament Buildings and Kampala Capital City Authority Buildings among others. It is an administrative centre with a variety of government offices such as the High Court of Uganda, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Headquarters of Bank of Uganda, Ministry of Health, ministry of Internal Affairs and Government Analytical Chemistry Laboratory among others.

The hill hosts many of the diplomatic missions to Uganda and a number of ambassadors residing on the northern and the eastern slopes of Nakasero. Embassies found at the hill include the Embassy of France, embassy of Finland, embassy of Spain, Embassy of Italy, Embassy of Denmark, Embassy of Kenya and many more.

Nakasero hill is home to the headquarters of several banks which include DFCU Bank, Centenary Bank, ABC Bank, Housing Finance Bank, Stanbic Bank Limited, Uganda Development Bank, Bank of Africa (Uganda), United Bank for Africa and East African Development Bank and Bank of Baroda.

Nakasero hill is known to be the home of many of the most luxurious hotels and restaurants in Kampala including Kampala Serena Hotel, Kampala Sheraton hotel, the Pearl of Africa Hotel, Grand Imperial hotel, Imperial Royale Hotel, Kampala Intercontinental Hotel and Kampala Hilton Hotel among others. These hotels and restaurants serve a lot of people from the surrounding offices. There are clubs and casinos such as Kampala Club and Kampala Casino among others.

Besides the different kinds of work that is carried out at hill, people that live and work around Nakasero and the surrounding areas find time for worship. You may get surprised to see lots of people during the days and hours scheduled for prayer at places of worship such as All Saints Church for the Anglicans, Christ the King Church for the Roman Catholics, Nakasero mosque for the Muslims and Watoto Church for evangelists. These places of worship are some of the famous ones around Kampala.

Some of the great primary education institutions in Uganda are found on Nakasero hill. They include Nakasero Primary school and Buganda Road Primary School. Other important services and facilities around Nakasero hill are hospitals and clinics. A number of them including Case Clinic, St. Catherine hospital and Nakasero hospital have built trust because of the excellent medical care and services that they offer.

Locally, when you talk about Nakasero, the first thing that will cross the mind of most people around Kampala is Nakasero market. Also known as Nakasero Farmers Market, it is popularly known for fresh fruits, vegetables and many other foods. The market is surrounded by other shops selling different kinds of items such as dinnerware and other items to use in the house.

Nakasero is one of the places where a number of facilities, services and developments for Kampala city have been established and almost every service can be got here.