Nature walk in Bwindi is a very exciting activity to do apart from gorilla trekking. The park has six main hiking trails in Buhoma region from where you can experience the beautiful sights of the park including types of trees, bird species, flowers and butterflies. The hike involves walking or footing through the impenetrable forest and you may see mountain gorillas, baboons, red tailed monkey, duikers and L’Hoest’s monkey.

Nature walks need some good energy and visitors are encouraged to carry enough bottled drinking water, snacks and packed food.

Waterfall trail is in the center of the farmland from where you will observe women working in their field mostly using hoes. You can also get some tea from the tea farm on the sides of the hills.

Munyaga river trail. This is where the locals wash their clothes from using their hands. Reaching here takes about 2 hours from the end of Buhoma road. Munyaga river is also well suited for bird watching as well as visiting the banana brewing company that makes juice, wine and gin out of bananas.

Rushura hill trail. This is the highest hill around Buhoma bordering Uganda and DR.Congo  and it offers beautiful sceneries.

Buhoma trail takes you to the local people and their lifestyle. From here you will get to be entertained by the local people, see their man-made art crafts, brewing and local medicine.

Muzabajiro loop trail. Bird watching is best done here as well as watching the breathtaking views of the national park.

River Ivi trail is used mostly by the local people when going to the market. You will not miss out seeing the bush pigs, birds and mountain gorillas when using this 6 hour moving trail.