Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Ngamba Island is a solitary island which is found within Lake Victoria. It is surrounded by the fresh waters of the lake. It is a peaceful sanctuary home for the rescued and causality chimpanzees. The chimpanzees that are residents of Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary today were rescued from poachers who were attempting to smuggle them away from their natural environment.

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary was established in the 1998 with the aim of taking care of the injured orphaned chimpanzees which have been rescued from the various parts of East Africa. It is under the management of non-profitable organization popularly known as the Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust (CSWCT). This organization is in partnadidas 3st.003 férfi deszkás cipő fehér kék epson printer xp 2100 nike ads 2018 vestiti lunghi eleganti torino scarpe guardiani uomo bonnet cache cache oreille yeezy march 2022 nike sunray protect 37 birkenstock linz sl footshopping sciallando tamaris myggia telescopio per guardare le stelle prezzo amazon josh allen womens jersey cmp bundy damske ανταλλακτικα πλυντηριο ρουχων πιτσος ership with other six wildlife organiasation that have volunteered towards the conservation and welfare of Wildlife. These include Born Free Foundation, Jane Goodall Institute, International Fund for Animal Welfare, Uganda wildlife Society, Uganda Wildlife education Centre and the Environmental Conservation in Trust of Uganda.

Ngamba Island occupies about 100 acres of land dominated by the rainforest vegetation which is home to over 49 rescued chimpanzees individuals from poachers. It is situated about 27 kilometers south east of Entebbe city and the Island is rich in a diversity of abundant natural wildlife. it is supports a variety of natural foods which the chimpanzees the sanctuary feast on every day.

After the causality chimpanzees have been rescued, they will have to first undergo a training so as they get transitioned from the all sorts of trauma that they experienced from the poachers when they taking them away from their families, this training helps them to acknowledge the current situation and gets them back to normal before they are introduced to as new members in the sanctuary which they will call their new home.

Apparently Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary is one of the most famous primate destinations with impressive numbers of chimpanzee populations which can be easily spotted without the too much hassle of trekking the whole just like in other destinations which are home to the chimpanzees. The island has got a viewing point where you can clearly view the chimpanzees playing, feeding as well as observing their lifestyle patterns on this isolated intriguing island.

A visit to Ngamba Island Sanctuary will offer you a thrilling and exciting moments of the chimpanzee experience. The chimpanzees coexist together with other primate animals like the monkeys which have been gazetted in this unusual natural setting.

Activities in Ngamba Island

Chimpanzee watching in Ngamba island

The main purpose of gazetting Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary was to locate a home for the traumatized and touched chimpanzees which were rescued from poachers who give a very tough experience to these amazing creatures. Ngamba island offers an extraordinary chimpanzee watching experience since there is no need of searching for the Chimpanzees as it is in other different places that are home to the  chimpanzees.

Sanctuary has got a viewing point where visitors can stand to view and observe clearly the chimpanzees for quite some time. The viewing point that was fitted for the visitors has been significant in preventing the spread of communicable diseases of human beings to the chimpanzees such as Flue, Cough among others. it has also  helped to limited direct interaction with chimpanzees and people.

The viewing point has been used as safety boundary to tourists from being attacked by the new chimpanzee individuals that have been recently introduced in the sanctuary and still recovering from the previous experience.

Ngamba Island forest walk

The guided forest walk is done by guests that have stayed at Ngamba Island for an overnight. The guided forest walk offers you an opportunity to see the Juvenile Chimpanzees plus other wildlife such as mice, lizard, snakes, and monkeys among others.

The Infant chimpanzee integration

The program is aimed at initiating the baby chimpanzees that have been rescued from poachers. The management introduced a social training system which may not take one day. Here the young chimpanzees are taught how to cope up with the new enviroment in the rainforests of Ngamba Island. The time taken during the integration period will depend on certain factors such as sex, age and the level of trauma.

Chimpanzee care taker experience

This gives you an opportunity to get close to the chimpanzees while feeding them. Being a care taker involves preparing food for the chimpanzees for that day, engaging in offering the medical assistance to the injured ones, feeding and monitoring the improvement the newly introduced members among other responsibility engagement required for the chimpanzees. This activity is extremely rewarding and memorable.