Ntarama Genocide Memorial – With a few hours’ drive from Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, Ntarama genocide memorial is situated in the outer parish, making it relatively smaller than other locations. This small memorial of genocide a former Catholic church had blood shed for dozens of Rwandans, with an estimate of 5000 people being massacred here.  As it’s the case with other genocide sites. The Tutsis even tried to seek shelter in this isolated Catholic parish church, but they were not forgiven by the hurtles of the Hutu militias because the militias pushed brick by brick to reach the people inside the church. This demonstrates how willing they were to get others killed. They even had no fear that this place is for worship and its ought to be respected but still acted under their own evil acts and destroyed the lives of people who had gathered in the church to seek refuge.

List of other Genocide Memorial Centres in Rwanda