Nyamata Genocide Memorial, this was also a church before the coming of the genocide, its located in Bugesera district located south of Kigali city. The church commemorates the lives of the victims of the Rwandan genocide that took place in 1994.while in this place, over 25,000 murders were buried here, it is one of Rwanda’s worst places after a museum of the Murambi genocide. The Tutsis, who had a belief that churches were the best places to hide in Rwanda, encountered the worst moments that unintentionally sent them to the tombs of mass graves sunk and constructed outside. When the situation got worse, the Hutus fought their way through the locked doors with grenades and were butchered with machetes, slaughtered with pangas until death after the doors had been broken in. The people killed to date had their, clothes, shoes, national identity cards on church pews with still fresh blood scattered all over the place noticeable. Worse still, even the alter fabric soaked in blood from several victim’s attack, still in church premises.

List of other Genocide Memorial Centres in Rwanda