What equipment do I need to bring to track the gorillas? What clothes should I wear?

Gorilla trekking has become one of the prime activities a among all the tourist safaris in Uganda, gorilla trekking is done in Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga national park both situated in south western Uganda and in the volcanoes national park in Rwanda.

After all the arrangements, secured your gorilla permit, the one and the most important part is choosing the right equipment for gorilla trekking safari. Bwindi is a tropical rain forest therefore expect rainfall at any point of the day. You can park all recommended gorilla trekking attire, other equipment. Energy giving snacks, water without any worry of how to carry them. These national parks have porters that will help you carry and keep your luggage while your with the gorillas, you can hire them at an affordable cost., these are school going children, but due to lack of school fees , are forced to drop out of school, hiring them is a form of charity to them since the fee you pay them them in acquiring their basic needs.

Here’s  what I would recommend for a gorilla trekking packing list. Pack all of this in a small back pack so that its easy to move around with.

  • Hiking/ walking boots or shoes , boots with grip are better these help in walking on hilly terrain and in case the ground is muddy and slippery, they support your ankle so you may not easily slide.
  • Long sleeved shirt/ blouse, tp protect you from the strong suns rays and the insect bites that transmit infections like the mosquitoes spreading malaria, it also protects you from tree branches that may cut your skin.
  • Waterproof jacket and long pair of trousers ,in case it rains, it protects you from the cold and keeping you warm. Even when there is no rain, the vegetation and the ground are in most cases wet. So wearing the waterproof trouser helps to protect your knee in case you have to go down in order to get clear pictures of the gorillas or slide down slippery slopes protects you from injuries.
  • Long pair of socks, stuck long trousers in to the socks these, protects your legs from scratches and also keep insects out from entering through the trouser.
  • Garden gloves, protect your hands in case you slide and you need to hold on to the stem for support, and protect your hands from cuts and some plants may be bitter and cause infections.
  • A fleece or light wool sweater in case of the rain and also Bwindi impenetrable forest, is a tropical rain area therefore the weather is generally cold during wee hours and early morning hours.
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen and hut to protect you from the suns rays most especially during the dry seasons .
  • Camera equipment
  • Energy giving snacks and water the lodge should provide you with packed lunch and enough drinking water since hiking the steep slopes can be so tiresome and drains the energy, hydration is very important.
  • A walking pole, this is highly recommended taking with you a walking stick , sometimes the lodge provides or the guide will ct for you from one of the bamboo trees. they help in climbing up and back down steep slopes and muddy hills.
  • Tips fro ranger or porter, these entire depends on the interest of the traveler to offer tips according to how he/she has been impressed.
  • The most Important is your gorilla trekking permits, its agate pass to your gorilla trekking, pass port for easy identification since you will need to show ID at the parks headquarters during your briefing time.

Depending on your travel season, although its during the dry season, Bwindi and the volcanoes national park can be cool and during the nights, the temperatures drop down and tends to be very cold. You may experience mist and quite rain during your trek in the forest searching for the gorillas. Vice verse when it gets hot, you may also need a bit light clothes and for those having together gorilla trekking and wild safaris, you may need to pack a little more since it may require more days to complete your safari. Also remember Bwindi is rain tropical area so you will experience rain at any time although during the dry seasons.