Parkside Safari Lodge

Parkside safari lodge is located on the northern side of Murchison falls national park, just about 2 kilometers from Tangi gate. It is situated on the outskirts of the park on the banks of the Albert Nile. Its location offer spectacular views of the Nile and guests who stay there have a chance to go for thrilling nature walks around this place or enjoy canoe rides along the river. Numerous birds are seen during nature walks.

Parkside safari lodge consists of single bed cottages, double bed cottages and family cottages self contained with en suite bathrooms and flushing toilets. They are spacious with comfortable beds and the outside environment is large enough for your privacy, relaxation and most of it all, it is calm and lovely.

The cottages are beautifully constructed in an African style with thatched roofs. The gardens are wide and green and attract a number of animals including elephants, buffaloes, Uganda kobs, oribis, Jackson’s hartebeest and a lot of birds which will keep you entertained as you relax at the lodge. An experience of African wilderness starts at the lodge.

The lodge has a wide and open restaurant where you’ll enjoy the breeze from the Nile as you have your meals. The chefs are professional and serve very nice local and international cuisines.

You are encouraged to Discover Uganda with Parkside safari lodge by staying with them on your safari to the largest national park in Uganda. It takes about 5 minutes from the lodge to the park where you’ll do all the activities on time; game drives, boat cruise to the bottom of the falls, boat cruise to the Albert delta, chimp tracking and hikes and nature walk. This is truly a wonderful place to help you explore Uganda’s hidden beauty.