When looking at golden monkey trekking, this article helps you to understand some of the key information to consider before taking part in golden monkey trekking. These helps you understand the price of the permit for golden monkey trekking in Rwanda, place/ where golden monkey trekking takes place, when to book you’re  golden monkey trekking spermit, how to book your permits and many others. The same applies to golden monkey trekking in Mgahinga national park in Uganda. In Rwanda, when you visit the volcanoes national park, you will be able to track both gorillas and golden monkeys. That is to say that volcanoes national park, is the only park in Rwanda where the gorillas co-exist with the mountain gorillas offering an opportunity to travelers who would wish to take part in both activities. Rwanda is popular with gorilla trekking activities; the park has in total 10 habituated gorilla families opened for trekking and the rest are for research purposes. Adventure in the wild safaris offers both golden monkey trekking and mountain gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park for visitors, visiting Rwanda national parks.

Cost of Rwanda Golden Monkey Permits

To trek golden monkey in volcanoes national park in Rwanda, travelers taking part in this activity are advised to have a permit that allows them to visit the golden monkeys in their natural habitat. Currently, Rwanda golden monkey permits go for $100 per person taking apart in the exercise. Also note that Rwanda activity prices keep changing as Rwanda government amends its tariffs. So therefore, in case of any changes, please contact adventure in the wild safaris and we will give you all the information you will require.

What is included in Rwanda golden monkey permits?

The fees paid for golden monkey trekking permit includes also the following, park entry fees to volcanoes national park, services of arranger guide, spending one hour with the habituated golden monkeys in their natural habitat, security and services of an armed ranger guide to provide security to the clients while in the forest. Also note that golden monkey trekking is a half days experience and does not limit the number of people visiting the gorillas each day, compared to gorilla trekking which limits strictly 8 people each day to trek gorillas which leads to competition of permits. Which is not the case with golden monkey trekking since travelers can purchase the permits anytime or even on ground, they are always available. For more details on golden monkey trekking and visiting Rwanda, reach to us at adventure in the wild safaris, and we will organise a successful golden monkey trekking for you. Clients visiting Rwanda for golden monkey trekking, can as well combine gorilla trekking visit to Nyungwe forest national park for wildlife safaris and also lake kivu for a boat cruise where you will spot a lot of water animals and many more other activities.