Rwanda Safaris – Safari in Rwanda

Rwanda is one of the only three destinations in Africa where you can go for Gorilla trekking. Considered one of the safest destinations in Africa, Rwanda has a variety of attractions and Safari parks which you can explore. The Volcanoes National Park is the number one Rwanda Safari destination visited by many tourists every year to track the endangered mountain gorillas. Other Safari Parks in Rwanda include the Akagera National Park popular for the big five and the Nyungwe forest national Park for Chimpanzee trekking and canopy walks.  You can Combine Rwanda Gorilla Trekking with a safari to the other parks and attractions in Rwanda or combine it with a visit to other African Safari countries.

Rwanda is popularly known as the land of a thousand hills given its beautiful hilly landscape. There are several activities to do in Rwanda and as such does not disappoint when visited on a safari.

Top Things to do in Rwanda per destination

Volcanoes National Park

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking

Rwanda Safari Destinations

Golden Monkey trekking

Mount Bisoke Hike

Mount Karisimbi Hike

Dian Fossey Hike

Visit to the Ibywacu Cultural center

Visit to the Musanze Caves

Visit to the Twin Lakes of Ruhundo and Burera

Nyungwe Forest National Park

Chimpanzee / Primates Trekking

Canopy Walk

Akagera National Park

Game viewing drive / Big five Safari

Boat Cruise on Lake Ihema

Lake Kivu

Beach Safari and Lake Kivu boat cruise

Lake Kivu coffee Plantation Visit

Kigali City

Kigali City tour to visit the genocide memorial centers, local markets and craft shops, Kigali night life and so much more.

Rwanda Safari Information

Today, Rwanda has become a famous African safari destination because of the great effort it has put to build its tourism industry for example it signed a three year partnership with Arsenal Football Club which is based in London to market herself to the world. Rwanda is confident in marketing herself because she has a lot interesting attractions which can best be explored on a well organized safari in Rwanda. Expect to see things like mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, the mountainous terrain, sites that tell the tragedy that took place in the country about 25 years ago and many other things that everyone would love to enjoy on their Rwanda safari tour.  Many tourists visit Rwanda as an added destination on their Tanzania, uganda and Kenya tours and this means less days and to few of the destainations in Rwanda. You’ve got to know that there are Rwanda safaris that are organized purposely to discover a range of Rwanda’s main attractions.

Before you book for a Rwanda safari, there are a lot of interesting things you need to know about it. For example Rwanda is known as “land of a thousand hills” because it is made up of a hilly terrain and this can be seen right from its capital Kigali which is located on hills, it is safe, secure and peaceful with less crime rate compared to other African countries, Rwanda has the cleanest city on the continent, it has a strong policy of “no use of plastic bags” which also contributes to the cleanliness of the country, Rwanda has a well developed transport infrastructure with good roads even to the distant national parks and it is the fourth smallest country in Africa but amazingly has gifted with several thrilling attractions.

Our Rwanda safari tours are diverse, we have packages for mountain gorilla tours and these are the highlight of travelling to Rwanda. You can also travel for other wildlife such as zebras, antelopes, buffaloes, hyenas, leopards, lions and more, relaxation, city tours, cultural tours, dark tourism to the genocide memorial sites and much more advetorus activities like hiking. A combination of most of these tours is the best way to encounter the best of Rwanda.

Places to visit on a Safari in Rwanda

Visit Rwanda national parks, Rwanda has three national parks;

  • Volcanoes national park; this is the major destination for most travelers who go to Rwanda. It is home to the endangered mountain gorillas and is the only luxury gorilla trekking destination of the three mountain gorilla trekking destinations. Visitors can also do other activities in Volcanoes such as golden monkey trekking, hiking to Dian Fossey tomb, mountain climbing, birding and nature walks.
  • Akagera national park; this is the only savannah national park in Rwanda and is home to a range of animals including giraffes, zebras, topis, oribis, duiker and many more and also has a lake called Lake Ihema. Therefore activities done there are game drives, boat cruise and birding.
  • Nyungwe forest national park; the park has a large rainforest which harbors lots of primates but mostly chimpanzees. It is the main destination for chimp trekking in Rwanda, though the government of Rwanda hopes to soon open the forth national park in Gishwati forest which is also home to chimps though their number is still small. A Rwanda safari tour to Nyungwe forest national park is incomplete if you don’t do a canopy walk. This is one of the most adventurous and exciting activity that to do in the whole world.

Each of these national parks has good and comfortable accommodation facilities that offer good service so that tourists enjoy their vacations and tours.

Genocide memorial sites, Rwanda has a number of genocide memorial sites and you have an opportunity to visit any of them on your rwanda safari. Rwanda faced a horrific experience in 1994 which left the country in a mess and lots of people lost their lives. The country is however now a very peaceful place and has decided to welcome people from different parts of the world to share this tragic story. You can learn about the story from memorial sites including Kigali genocide memorial site, Murambi genocide memorial site, Gisenyi memorial site, Nyanza memorial site and Nyamata memorial sites among others.

Museums and historical sites, Rwanda has many museums which present and display information and things that will help you to know about it more. you can visit the Ethnographic Museum, Kandt house Museum, Kings Palace Museum, Rwanda art museum, Museum of Environment and Presidential Palace museum.

Lake Kivu, this is the largest lake in Rwanda. It is located in the western part of Rwanda, at the border with the DRC. It has a beautiful beach for relaxation and rejuvenation at the hotels there. You can visit the beach after the adventures in Volcanoes, Akagera and Nyungwe forest national parks.

Kigali city, the terrain of Kigali itself is a beautiful place to watch and drive around. The town has many places you can visit on your Rwanda safari such as craft shops, memorial sites, chill at the hotels and interact with the people.

Rwanda safaris are excellent with wonderful wildlife, good weather, friendly people, peaceful and safe environment, good roads and an interesting culture.