Rwanda – The Republic of Rwanda

Republic of Rwanda

Discover Remarkable Rwanda, “the land of a thousand hills”

Rwanda people, culture and traditions, history and so much more

Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills. Rwanda as a country, went through a tough time during the days of the Rwandan Genocide which led to the massive killing of the innocent civilians in that over 800,000 people last their lives in the period of 100 days. Away from that, the country has gained back and it’s now stable and peaceful.

Rwanda is rich in things to do and see, Rwanda has a country is diverse with various attractions such as Culture, traditions, Heritage and the people’s way of life practised in the country and it’s passed on from one generation to another. Rwanda is famous not only for Gorilla trekking, although it’s the main draw in the country, but there is much more than that, there is unique tradition and culture practice that you done to miss to discover during your visit in Rwanda.

Rwandan Music and Cultural dances

Rwanda offers visitors an opportunity to visit the local communities in Rwanda, this activity helps you understand Rwanda as a country and to meet the locals who will a veil all the necessary information, history and the background of the country. During this visit, you meet the traditional dancers who will show case their unique traditional dances and the music performance. The Rwandan traditional dances and music is legit and much entertaining you ought not to miss it.

Rwanda offers inspiring traditional activities that are of much interest to the visitors, having interest in this activity, we would love to add it in your itinerary safari in Rwanda it’s worth it.

Discover the Rwanda Culture and heritage

Visit Rwanda and take time to live among the local in different communities, this helps you to understand clearly the rural life of the Rwandan people. Take away or two and enjoy living with your Rwandan hosts, there many activities you can engaged in done by this local people. Various activities like; digging in the gardens, preparing the Rwandan local meal, and also learn some weaving, art and craft making from artisans, carving as part of the support to the local people.

Visiting this communities and spending time with them, is one life time experience you will encounter living among people with different way of life in rural communities compared to the western cultures.

Iby’Iwacu Cultural Villages Visit or Stay:

The Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village is a traditional way of life portrayed by the Rwandan local communities, visiting these villages is normally after along day Rwanda gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park, it’s as a way of entertainment as you get refreshed from the long day gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park.

This cultural visit, exposes you to a lot of activities done by the local people, you can learn a lot of thing from the people like drumming, dances, shooting a bow, searching for the traditional medicine from the forest, cooking, gathering and hunting activities among others.

You may also opt to take an overnight stay at the village which is worth it and possible where you meet with the elders and share events of the evening such as storytelling, traditional meals and dances and also you will clearly get to understand the history of Rwanda and the way of life of the people.

Many locals in the past years, where poachers and lived their lives in the forest and depended on the forest for survival, but due to the need to conserve the natural heritage, illegal measures where put in place to protect the animals and their natural habitats. Tourism has also supported the life of the local communities in funding their community projects which is a benefit to many communities.  Do not miss to visit the local villages during your safari visit in Rwanda.

Ankole-Watusi-Inyambo Cattle- the Cows of Kings:

cows in Rwanda are especially the Ankole cows also known as the Inyambo Cows in Rwandan local dialect (Kinyarwanda), the Ankole cows are mainly known as the cattle of the Kings in Rwanda and western Uganda. these cows are mainly bred by the kings to show power and wealth and the status of the an individual. These cows move in bigger numbers you will get amazed by the size of their horns and the beauty of their coats.

When you visit Rwanda and Uganda, you will have an opportunity to view these big cows as you drive along the highway, on the roads, fields herded by local young boys. for the beef lovers, the Ankole cows offer the best free cholesterol free meat found any where in the Africa. That has greatly raised a need to rare the pure breeds of the Ankole cows.

Imogongo- Where Cow Dung becomes Art: 

During your stay in different lodges and hotels in Rwanda, you will discover the beautiful art paintings made from the cow dung, there is no wastage of resources in Rwanda, every thing has its purpose. You will be able to view the beautiful Imogongo Cow Dung paintings made from the dung hanging in walls and lodges in Rwanda.

Cow dung painting is an old traditional practise done in many villages in Rwanda, Villages like Nyakarambi villages where Cow Dung paintings where used to create the decorations inside the houses. Cow dung has played a big role in the art industry in Rwanda, today, you can find many items that have the decorations made out off Cow dung. Such as; tables, mirrors, wall hangings among others.

Rwanda-more than a safari Destination:

Rwanda safari destination, Rwanda is a small country with amazing safari attractions close at hand, with the location within 0ne hours drive from the capital of Kigali to the preferred destination. Rwanda is unique destination with a lot of things to offer such as the volcanoes mountains, savannah, lakes, the city, rainforest are key attractions besides that, Rwanda offers a rich cultural destination with peaceful local communities that have embraced the traditional way of life of the people in Rwanda and passing on from the elders to the younger generation.

The Rwandan Genocide that hit the country, has brought about a lot of changes in the life of the people in Rwanda, there are no divisions amongst the people according to the ethnic groups, today one is simply referred as Rwandan, Rwanda is now more than a safari destination. The country is rich and diverse offering a lot of things to do and see while in Rwanda. Although the country went through the tough time, the government of Rwanda and the citizens have worked hand in hand to see that Rwanda has become the better place to live in and for the visitors coming to Rwanda.

Why Rwanda is so clean?

Rwanda keeps clean due to the cultural practise of the Omuganda day, this day is always scheduled on every fourth Saturday of the month where by every activity is stop, shops, markets, roads close and people join the other members in cleaning their city, towns, neighbourhood, clearing steams, cleaning roads, among others to ensure that the country is clean.

The word Omuganda is referred as the coming of the people together for a common purpose, the communities and the people of Rwanda come together to make sure that they work as one to see to it that they have built abetter place for them to live in, Rwanda is one of the cleanest countries in East Africa compared to other countries. Rwanda barned the use of plastic sacks, therefore, when entering Rwanda, you will be searched to make sure that you do not enter the country with the items which are not recommended. Also walking on the grass is forbidden in Rwanda the country must remain clean and conducive to live in which is all out of the efforts of the members and the different communities coming together for a good course.

Rwanda Dishes and foods

There are several dishes you will find when you visit the country of Rwanda, ranging from Goat, Beef, Chicken, pork, Fish. Vegetable Brochettes. When you visit the different restaurants, you will be served the different dishes of your choice. For the vegetarians, you are fully covered the meals are often served with roasted chunks of potatoes or fries, there is also fully stocked bar with all drinks and entertainment in the background.

Visiting Rwanda is one place you ought not to miss and enjoy the delicious dishes Rwanda has to offer.

Sambaza Sardines- a delight for Rwandans around Lake Kivu:

Sambaza Sardines have become part of the culture of lake Kivu, they are often fried by frying round lake Kivu. You will absolutely love it when you have an opportunity to taste them.

There also various lodges offering quality accommodation facilities for the Visitors visiting lake Kivu and also it can be prepared for you in the lodges and eaten as an appetizer or snack along with fries among other dishes. You can also take a boat on lake Kivu and also have an opportunity to experience the life of the fishermen around lake Kivu.

Rwandan’s Sacred Places the Genocide Memorial:

The 1994 Rwandan Genocide against the Tutsi that led to the merciless slaughter of the Rwandan people brough about many changes in the culture of Rwanda, the Genocide memorials at the vivid remainders of the difficult times that Rwandan people went through for a period of 100 days.

The Rwandan Genocide, also serves as the remainder to the people and the world at large to never go through such a moment again. When you visit the Genocide memorials, you will be able to see the remains of the people who lost their lives inform of clothes, sandals, among others. It was a tough time that Rwanda went through, when you visit, you will then have a clear understanding of the Rwandan genocide of 1994. We would be glad to include this activity in your itinerary where you will have a visit to the Rwandan Genocide Memorial sites.

Explore Rwanda and discover a remarkable Rwandan culture- traditions, Heritage and the way of life of the people. The land of the thousand hills awaits you.