Rwanda safari lodges – Rwanda provides a number of facilities spanning basic camps to safari lodges to glamorous modern hotels, which have provided modern facilities to the visitors, visiting Rwanda for tourism experience  as they explore the country’s sights, sounds and distinctive emotions, including, its famed gorillas popular for trekking experience as well as other primates like the chimpanzee, monkeys among others.

From a lakeside resort spanning lake Ihema in Akagera National Park, to a unique, signature tent camp surrounded by riverine trees, to a complete-blown 5-star luxury hotel spanning a private sandy beach and the views of the Volcanic National Park, the variety of lodging accessible in Rwanda is good to excellent. Mountain views may not have the same levels of elegance and visual beauty as others, but they are well recognized for being convenient, safe and decent value-for-money. Capital Kigali offers the opportunity for even more modern lodging, such as the Hotel Mille Collines, a hotel which has become renowned for its visible place in the events portrayed in the film Hotel Rwanda.

Rwanda is appropriately known for the chances it provides to watch endangered gorillas and primates. In fact, a visit to Nyungwe Forest primate safari provides an opportunity where you will be able to spot primate species like colobus monkey, chimpanzee, and other primates in their natural tropical rain forest environment. You will see many species of birds and spotted hyena, golden monkeys and woodland hog on a gorilla trek in the Virunga Mountains, which are generally recognized as the best place in the world for mountain gorilla, as well as the gorilla. Furthermore, a journey to the Rwandan Memory Center in Kigali, commemorating the 1994 killings, is also a somber but very rewarding activity.

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