Rwanda weather and climate – Rwanda experiences two wet seasons the shorter rains start from the month of October, November and December by this time, Nyungwe and volcanoes national park tend to receive rainfall throughout the rainy season  the longer rains, the average temperatures are approximately 20 ° C/68 ° F in Nyungwe and falls to 16 ° C/61 ° F in Volcanoes National Park. The rainfall in Akagera National Park definitely won’t interfere with you during the safari activities in the park. The longer rains known as the wettest month of the year where by there is a lot of rainfall received throughout the season from the month of March, April and May, but occasionally in the drier eastern part of the country, rainfall is received throughout the day, it storm for days at Nyungwe and Volcanoes National park. the dry season are the best times of the year for tour safaris such as wildlife viewing, gorilla trekking and wildlife safaris are in its peak, the drier month start from the month of January and February which occurs between the short and the longer rains but the weather is unpredictable in both Nyungwe and volcanoes national park still remain wet and rainfall can be received at anytime of the day. Wet or dry, the national parks are open to travellers for tourism activities throughout the year.

June, July and August are drier month with high temperatures experienced during the day and a bit colder in the night and places around the mountain areas experience colder temperatures ranging from 27 degrees celicious to 81 degrees Farag height.  Nyungwe national park has average temperatures of about 21 degrees C/70 degrees F experienced during daytime and Volcanoes national park is even cooler with temperatures of about 16 ° C/61 degrees F.

September is still dry , but sometimes this month the rains may begin and the areas around the mountain parks may receive quite a bit of rain in September.