Seychelles  Tours – Seychelles is one of the African countries that is home to over 100 islands that are found in southern region of the equator and they about 1000 miles from the Indian ocean. These islands have been classified into two that is; coral and Granite Island. The granite islands are visited by a number of travelers due to the fact that they have greatest scenic beauty compared to other countries as well as huge granite pristine beaches.

In Seychelles, the indigenous local people have settled on three islands and that where they work from. These are Praslin, La Digue and Mahe Island which is the largest island and it is home to victoria capital city as well as the international airport. Some of the activities to enjoy on this island include; snorkeling, hiking, diving, sunbathing and shopping.

Praslin Island, this has been ranked as the second largest island in Seychelles after Mahe Island and it is located north east of Mahe Island. It is a home to beautiful beaches, sparkling fresh waters as well as white sands which is characterized by a lot of watersports activities.

La Digue, this is the third largest island in Seychelles located in north-east of Mahe’, it is east of praslin and it is located in the north-west of Seychelles. La Digue is has the famous white sand beaches in the world thus giving exciting leisure marine life on safari holiday.

Seychelles is a home to six private islands such as North Island, Fregate Island, Cousine Island, Bird Island as well as Denis Island. The private islands have beaches that are famous home to the beautiful giant gentle Tortoises and unique bird species which can be spotted at the bird island.