Touring Sipi Falls in Kapchorwa Uganda

The Sipi falls are series of three beautiful waterfalls in the eastern part of Uganda in Kapchorwa district. They are located at the bottom of Mt. Elgon just outside Mount Elgon national park. Water at these falls flows down the resistant rocks to the bottom at different heights the highest falling at 100m high, the second at 85m and the shortest at 75m high. The falls make a stunning site for scenic viewing and photography and before you reach there, you’ll go through a thrilling experience of hiking. The set of the falls are also considered on e of the loveliest falls where you can spend a good time with your loved ones with rewards of views of the rainbow, the misty flow of water and the cool breeze from the water.

Apart from the water falss, once you reach the top you’ll also be able to see the Karamoja lowlands, Lake Kyoga and the beautiful coffe plantaions around the place. While here, you’ll also have great views of the nearby mountain Elgon which is one of the hiking destinations in Uganda.

The falls were named after River Sipi whose name was derived from the word “sep”. Sep is a name of a banana-like plant which grows along the banks of this river and the local people around the area use it to treat fevers and measles.

Activities to do at Sipi Falls

Hiking to the falls

The highlight of visiting this place is to hike to the breathtaking falls. There are many waterfall walks to choose form to do your hike and you can as well choose to have day hike or a full day hike. Some trials will take you through plantations of coffee which are located on the slopes of Mt. Elgon. This is Arabica coffee which is cultivated by the Bagisu who inhabit this area. They are very hospital people and you can as well decide to visit their plantations to learn and see how they carry on their farm activities.

Hiking to Mt. Elgon

Some people start their hikes from Sipi and hiking to Mount Elgon doesn’t require much fitness especially on the lower slopes. You can do short hikes where you’ll spot not many wild animals but there are lots of birds, forest monkeys, buffaloes and antelopes among others.

Trout fishing

Trout fishing takes place on river Sipi. You enjoy the activity of catching fish wish will later be released back into the water.

Other activities to do when you visit Sipi are Bird watching, visiting the Nyero rock paintings and caves, attending the public circumcision events of the Bagisu which takes place in August and December. This event is so entertaining with the traditional dance of the Bagisu known as Imbalu. Rock climbing is one of the safe activities done in the Sipi area, it is guided by local guides and is enjoyed by most visitors.

The lodges close to Sipi falls provide the best accommodation and you don’t have to worry about your stay there. There are luxury lodges, mid-range lodges, budget hotels and camp sites for those who want to enjoy typical wilderness by spending thrie nights in tents. Lodges like Sipi River lodge and others have very hospitable staff.


Abseiling at Sipi is done at Chebonet falls. A friction device is connected to your harness and you descend down the rocks. There are routes of varying heights where you choose your preferred route. This is very adventurous and exciting.

Getting to Sipi

From Kampala to Sipi, you’ll travel by road and it takes about 5 hours to reach there.