Ssese island

This is a collection of 84 islands in the northwestern part of Lake Victoria locally known as lake nalubale. Some of the 84 islands are under Entebbe while others are governed by kalangala. The island was named ssese due to the presence of tsetse flies in the past. Let’s talk about the best tourism and relaxations destinations among the 84 islands

Bugala island

This is the largest among the 84 islands that make up ssese island. The island has got about 26,000 people of which 66,000 live in kalangala. Bugala island is the 10th largest island found on a lake worldwide.  The island can be accessed by a ferry that docks at luku.

Bugala island has got several hills that give the best views of the lake, the approaching boats/ferries and the different human activities at the island. The island has also got the largest palm oil plantation in Uganda. Some of the irresistible activities that one would engage in while at bugala island include bird watching, primate viewing; enjoying the vervet monkeys, few colobus monkeys, bush bucks and many primates, different snake species, 3 types of butterflies and afew hippos located in the southern part of the island.

Bugala island is a sanctuary of 3 endemic species of rats and butterflies.

Ngamba island

Ngamba island is mostly covered by a rain forest. By 1998 , the island was turned into a sanctuary for the rescued and orphan chimpanzees. The island protects a vast number of chimps and some of the present activities once you visit ngamba island is helping the orphan chimps adapt the life at the island and also help out in feeding the adults.

Banda island

Banda island is the perfect place for camping and relaxation. The island is owned by an individual and it can be accessed by boarding a boat from kasenyi. Banda island has got standard cottages and you can also come along with your own camping gears.

Bulaga island

This island is mostly surrounded by sandy beaches and clifs. Bulaga island is more so perfect for nature walks giving you an amazing view of the lake and the distant islands. The island can be accessed by a speed boat from munyonyo taking you only 45minutes.

Bulaga island is commonly known as the birders paradise due to the presence of numerous bird species. The present accommodation facilities at bulaga island include the pineapple bay lodge and one minute south.

Some of the other islands include the bugaba island which is the mother and the home of the African grey parrots. The nsirwe island famous for its spider breeding and bird breeding, the kigungu island, bubembe island, funve island, serinya island, kitobo island and many more.

Activities/what to do at ssese island
  • Bird watching
  • Swimming in the bilharzia free fresh water body.
  • Chimpanzees
  • Sport fishing
  • Villages and nature walks
  • Primate viewing ;enjoying the colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys and may more.
  • Playing beach games
  • Agriculture tours ; taking you through the largest palm oil plantation of Uganda.
  • Quad biking
  • Culture visits expecting to see the nanziri falls , the wanema’s shrine in bubeke .
  • Hone moon and vacations
  • Marine life viewing
  • Lots of discoveries expecting to see john speke’s house.
When is the best time to visit ssese island?

The island is free to visit any time throughout the year expecting the rain interaction during the months of April – May and September -November.