giraffes facts

Giraffe Facts


Giraffe Facts – Also known as giraffe Camelopardalis, it is found across the sub Saharan Africa and they are about nine different sub species. They can be differentiated from one another due to their blotches that are different however; they all have extra-ordinary fascinating long necks as well as other characteristics. These are some of the 5 interesting facts about the giraffes;

  1. The giraffes have proved to have largest hearts among all the land animals and it weighs about 11 kilograms. The massive heart helps this wonderful animal to generate just enough pressure which will quicken or enhance the pumping of blood around its vast body.
  2. The Giraffes have horns which are referred to as ossiscones and these are joined to the skull. The adult male giraffes can easily be distinguished from their younger ones plus the females due the fact their ossiscones are massaged smoothly while fighting.
  3. The skin on the lower leg of giraffes is so tight and it helps to support the stockings plus controlling the circulation and this helps to manage the pressure exerted on the blood vessels of the giraffes’ lower leg.
  4. When the giraffe is walking, it will put all its legs on one side of the body simultaneously. When the giraffe is racing, puts its head and the neck in forward to allow it maintain the balancing, it can run about 60 kilometers per hour.
  5. The male giraffes love to exercise dominance over others and it does this by swinging their necks and heads on other fellows in a ritualized action and this kind is known as necking. After this kind of fight the winner will be the one to mate with the females.