Gemsbok Facts

5 interesting facts about Gemsbok – Also known as Oryx Gazelle, the Gemsbok is fascinating and powerful animal found in southern part of east Africa related to the Oryx with in the Kalahari region.  The Gemsbok herds are one of the ionic wildlife that has adopted the arid regions. Here are the Gemsbok Facts that you should know.

  1. The Gemsboks has got a low metabolism which allows the animal to survive for long time without taking water. They feed on the desert melons which give them enough moisture which helps them during the tough times of the drought.
  2. The gemsbok has horns which have a length of 120cm long and the female are narrower than the male. They use their horns as weapon for defending their territories from the attack of the predators. It is important to know that the Gemsbok can kill lions.
  3. Gemsbok loses water from their bodies through perspiration as they allow their body temperatures to rises to about 45 degrees Celsius and later it evaporates the stored heat in the night. The overheating is averted by the grillwork of blood vessels of the nose where blood passes to go the brain before it is circulated and cooled.
  4. When the female gives birth to its calves it will hide them for about 3-6 weeks taking care of them and protecting them from predators, it remains nearby and it keeps on nursing them. The calves have got a camouflaging brown color and normally it does not develop black and white strip in face unless it exercises out some level of maturity before joining the herds.
  5. The in the Gemsbok territory, only one dominant male will control all the females plus its younger calves. The Bachelor males are found of forming their own separate territory.

When planning your safari in Africa, you can include the Gemsbok on you interested wildlife list you would love to see on your safari. Feel free to contact us for wildlife safaris in Africa .

Gemsbok Facts | 5 interesting facts about Gemsbok