Kanungu District

Kanungu district is one of the districts in the western region of Uganda and Kanungu town is the main metropolitan site, commercial site and the district headquarter Centre. The District is home to the famous Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and it’s among the sites that are shown in the aerial footage

The district if Kanungu is neighbored by Rukungiri district in the north, kisoro district in the south-west, kibale district in the south east and the democratic republic of Congo in the in the west. Kanungu district headquarters are about 60 kilometers north-west of Kabale which is the largest town in the sub region. From Kampala to Kanungu, it is about 420 kilometers by road taking the south western direction of Kampala.

Historical background Kanungu District

Kanungu district was formed in 2001 by the government of Uganda and it has got only county that harbors about 12 sub counties such as kambuga, kihihi, Rugyeyo, Rugyeyo, Mpungu, kayonza, Katetete, Nyakinoni, Nyanga, Kinaaba, Kanyantorogo and Nyamirama. Kanungu district has got four town councils such as kihihi, Butogota, kanungu and kambuga

The Kanungu town is home to well establish roads which connect to the remote areas and communities. The district harbors four airstrips such as Savannah Airstrip close to Kihihi, Ishasha River camp Airstrip found in the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth national park and kihihi airstrip.