The Food of Kenya

Kenya has a diversity of local traditional food which is mixed just as its tribes, landscape and history. Some of the common dishes prepared by different tribes include the following.

Guide on Kenyan food – Find out the top Kenya foods and local dishes

Kenyan food for breakfast

The breakfast of Kenya tends to be small compared to the western breakfast. However most Kenyans always start their day with chai which means tea in the Swahili language. The tea is served with accompaniment of a hunk of bread or a piece of fruit, in a more fluent manner. However in many homes the accompaniment will sometimes be bread, mandazi which is deep fried and it is similar to unsweetened doughnut which tastes and smells nice.

The drinks and snacks

Kenya grows tea and coffee therefore you will encounter favorable beverages all over the country. The Kenyan coffee is so nice; a lot of travelers buy it and go with it home. You will as well find Maziwa lala in the remote rural areas and this is fermented milk. This milk is good for persons who are lactose intolerant and it can easily be digested.

Soft drinks like soda are famous and available in Kenya and all over the world. You will find it easy to describe the modern Kenya than the great genuine Maasai warriors while in their regalia as they enjoy a soft and their mobile phones are always hanging on their belts.

It is important to note that street food if found with in and around the markets of Kenya, famous streets known for these foods include the following;

Mishkaki, this is small skewers meat in a diced shape which have been BBQ’d on an open fire.

Samosas, this was initiated by the Indian culture. They are small triangular deep fried snacks that contain spicy vegetables or meat.

Deep fried potato chips served with laden sauces like chili plus tomato sauce.

Plantain crisps, this is made out of banana and it is sold almost everywhere in Kenya both in the supermarkets and local shops as well as street market where they refer to it as Bombay mix. It is prepared with a mixture of noodles, peanut, chick peas, fried flour, lentils, and spices among others.

Kenya sweets known as M abuyu, this is a baobab seed coated in red sugars syrup thus it is worthy a taste.

Kenya foods Lunch and dinner

The popular main staple food for the Kenya people is the maize meal called Ugali when cooked and it is called Unga when it is raw the Ugali meal is always served inform of white stiff porridge,  it is saw delicious when you deep it in stews of different kind. Rice is also another type of food that you find in Kenya. It is served in many different ways but in most cases it is boiled Rice. On some occasions like weddings, the rice is prepared in amazing fragrant mound of different colors using different species such as Saffron, cayenne, turmeric as well as nuts fried fruits, this the famous known food which is referred to as Pilau and it was introduced by Indian living in Kenya, stews in Kenya are mainly served lunch as well as dinner. These are inform of vegetarian recipes for example beans are prepared with tomatoes and onions to make a thick bean stew sauce, other stews include meat stew, goat stew which is served with Ugali. Vegetables are grown allover Kenya’s gardens; you will encounter vegetable stew sauce and sides such as Kachumbari, which consists of Tomatoes, onions spice salsa chili.

Other stews are served with chapatti and this was an Indian dish introduced by the Indians. The stews are also served with the Indian flat bread which is freshly prepared by flat rolling the dough before it is shallow fried in plenty of oil. The flatbread is served warm and it is so soft with crisp edges.

Another meal that is found in Kenya is the Nyama Choma, which means BBQ meat however this Swahili barbeque which is normally goat meat or beef meat and chicken.

There is a lot of fruits that are grown in Kenya such as mangoes, bananas, passion fruits, grapes, plums, paw paws , pineapple among other. These are available in many restaurants menus if requested they will be served to you in pleasant way.

Kenya is also good at making biscuits that they as use to make delicious macaroons such as the coconut macaroon biscuits among others. On your safari take the privileges to try tasting on some Kenyan local dishes.