5 Interesting facts about Plains Zebras

Plain Zebras

Facts About Plains Zebra – The Plain zebras are also known as Equus Quagga and they are the most common wildlife that will be spotted in most of the safari destinations in Africa. it is so familiar to the safari goers and the plain zebras are spotted in hue numbers. The famous places with big numbers of zebras include the Serengeti national park, Maasai Mara national park, Kruger national park of South Africa and Etosha national park where it likes congregating on the dusty waterholes.

Here are the 5 Interesting facts about Plains Zebras

  1. There are about 6 races, the grant Zebras which is found in Serengeti and Maasai Mara national park, crawshay’s Zebras found in Malawi and other regions of Zambia, the burchell’s Zebra found in South Africa among other places in Africa. The Adult plain Zebras stand up to 1.3 meters long and carry a weight of about 350 kilograms.
  2. The Zebras are a family member of the horse family they therefore hooves on their toes. They do their movement on the while on a tiptoe as well as on a single central toe. The hooves play a big role in protecting the single toe.
  3. The stripes that are found on the neck of the plain zebras proceeds to its Mane that has got stiff, erect hairs. Social bond are reinforced during the mutual grooming where plain zebras do nibble one another’s neck and mane.
  4. The plain zebras have similar characteristics like a horse; they gallop, canter, walk and trot. They normally give powerful backwards kicks to their enemies or predators as a self-defensive measure and this is capable of breaking a lion’s jaw.
  5. There are many theories that have been developed to explain a zebra’s stripes. Some theories say that, they are intended to confuse their predators which are trying to select a target among the big herd. The stripes are said to help to reduce the increased solar radiations, other theories say that the stripes help them to distinguish themselves from each other. The stripes scare and stop the biting flies.
  6. The pain Zebras do live in their small groups of family hierarchies and each comprise a stallion of their foals with harem of mares. The Mare is believed to be dominating the group and it plays the roles of leaderships, the stallions will lead the herd in only dangerous situations while others do follow according to the rank in single file.

5 Interesting facts about Plains Zebras – Facts About Plains Zebra, The Plain zebras are also known as Equus Quagga common in Africa