Southern Right Whale Facts

5 Interesting facts about Southern Right Whales – The southern right whale is found at cape in South Africa. There is an impressive population that comes from the sub-Antarctic feeding grounds and they come to breed in the calm waters at the shores. These are Southern Right Whale Facts you should know . They will stay in the South Africa’s cape until the month if November before they plan to move southwards with young calves. The whales are like shores of the sheltered bays. They are found of clearing the water with their tails. The mature Whales are about 17 meters long and they weigh about 50 tonnes.

  1. The southern right whales are in the family of the Baleen Whale as well as the humpback whale, blue whale, and the filter feeding creatures. It is important to note that the wales don’t have teeth and they feed on the planktons, they filter plankton from the surface waters using their baleen tissue which hangs from the upper jaw.
  2. The southern right whale does not have a dorsal fin and have a V- Shaped body. These are some of the distinctive features which can be used to differentiate it from other whales like humpback whales which are the largest Whale that is found in southern Africa.
  3. The southern right was given this name due to their slow characters and being easy to approach and easy hunt. Their number reduced due to the hunting that was done in the 19th century note until they were protected in the 1935. Ever since then their numbers have tried to recover.
  4. The southern right Whale is also known for their largest testicles and they have a weight of about 500 kilograms.
  5. They have unique white markings on their heads which is rough with a calcified skin. The white is as a result of the large colonies of the whale lice plus the barnacles that are inhabit in them.

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Southern Right Whale Facts – Here are 5 Interesting facts about Southern Right Whales