Top things to do and see near and around Kampala

Activities tat you can do near and around Kampala that visitors will absolutely enjoy

Kampala is a capital city of Uganda, its perfect location from which visitors in Uganda can find a lot of interesting attractions to see and various activities to do in the city Kampala. There several places that offer beautiful attractions within the driving distance of Kampala. There are many activities offered around the city, including; bird viewing, wildlife safaris, nature walks, Hikes, Scenic wonders among others. During your visit in Kampala, you will experience a lot of fun and interesting places to visit.

With Kampala as your main destination, you can explore a number of attractive sites within the central region of Uganda, some of the unique and the interesting places to visit in Kampala include; Ssezibwa Falls, the magical Mabira Rainforest, the vast mabamba Swamp, visiting the source of the Nile in Jinja, among others.

Note that, the activities listed below can be included as part of the itinerary, if you have interest in visiting Kampala, let us know and we will include in the itinerary for you. Our itineraries, are tailored in the interest of the clients.

Entebbe is the first arrival destination for many visitors coming in to Uganda, Entebbe is a host to Uganda’s international airport offering ait transport service to various countries. Upon arrival in Entebbe, you may also opt to visit some of the places in the Entebbe. Some of the unique places to visit here include;

10 Best things to do in Kampala

Entebbe Botanical Gardens

Entebbe Botanical gardens is the one top place you ought not to miss to visit during your safari stay in Uganda, it’s the perfect place to visit with its tranquillity with the exotic plants, you can take a walk around the botanical gardens where you have an opportunity to view various attractions like the birds, where you can do birding on the botanical gardens and along the Victoria river, its also a good site for the picnic lunch at the Entebbe Botanical Gardens.

We can include the visit to the botanical gardens upon arrival at the airport of your first day of the safari. With good and clear express highway, the botanical gardens can be reached in less than one hour from Kampala. The visit to the Botanical gardens can last for 3 hours, you may also opt for a picnic farewell after the safari in Uganda or a dinner in the various restaurants and hotels in Entebbe. Lake Victoria, offers the perfect and serein atmosphere for the picnic safaris.

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre

Uganda wildlife education centre, offers also the best place to visit while in Kampala, the education centre, allows you to view some of the best and stunning attraction ranging from Ugandan wildlife, and a walk around the lake Victoria, the zoo is facility where you can also read about the different species of birds and animals in the wild. There also some birds you will view in the forest and along the shores of the shores of the lake.

There area also several accommodation facilities offered around the Uganda wildlife education centre where by, the visitors can spend a day or two as you view the beauty of the zoo.

Beach activities

Uganda has appealed every year due to Lake Victoria, which is widely filled with several beaches. Attractions that are a draw of tourists to its shores. Throughout Entebbe, or along the Entebbe–Kampala route, more than 80% of the Uganda beaches are. Fresh, beautiful white sand, skyline sunrises, amazing rare birds are just a small number of delights waiting for everyone on these beaches. Below are the best beaches you can visit and spend time while you discover the beauty of the city Kampala the beaches include; Aero Beach, Imperial Resort Beaches, Botanical Garden Beach One Love Beach, Nabinyonya Resort Beach, Lido Beach, Lutembe Beach, Nabugabo Sand Beach among others.

Ngamba Chimpanzee Island Sanctuary

 Ngamba Island, founded in 1997, offers home for over 40 orphaned chimpanzees to save their life since they cannot return to their environment, informing tourists and local communities on their amazing species and the importance of maintaining the precious forest ecosystem. The Chimpanzees Sanctuary and Food Conservation Trust (CSWCT) project offers home to 40 of these chimpanzees.

Ngamba Island is about 100 hectares, of which 98 have been forested and isolated by an electric fence from the tourist city, through which chimpanzees spend the day.

 There also accommodation facilities offered to the visitors visiting the Sanctuary.

Ssezibwa Falls – Culture – Legends -Scenic Wonders

The Falls are situated along the Ssezibwa River, which flows from Victoria to L wetlands. Kyoga. -Kyoga. The pleasant hissing sound of the falling water shapes beautiful landscapes, and the falling water falls are about seven meters high. The natural vegetation covering and the undulating and rocky rocks over which the rivers plunge are in addition to this. The site has several species of birds which give a wonderful chance to look at birds and other activities like boat cruise, community walks, Hiking safaris, Mountain biking, primate safaris, and rock climbing among others.

The Ssezibwa Falls are in the Mukono neighborhood, 35 km east of Kampala. It is assumed that many hundred years ago the impressive waterfalls were raised by men. Falls is one of the most sacred and cultural centres of gifts, wealth and prosperity for many indigenous peoples. For people seeking happiness, for babies, for successful business or a good crop, the traditional healer conducts ceremonies. The falls in the area and in particular in the Buganda have a cultural and religious impact because of the theories behind the origin of the river Ssezibwa. This River along with another called Buganda, is thought to have been created from a woman on her way to Kavuma Bukunja. This is why it is a Buganda Heritage Site that is protected.

Visit Mabira Forest

Mabira forest is situated in along Kampala to jinja highway, from Kampala to mabira, it covers about 0ne hour drive on a good drive. The forest offers a number of activities such as nature trails, bubbling creeks, Zip- lining, Mangabey Monkey Tracking, Nature Walks, Mountain biking, camping, birding among others. The forest is located in central area of Uganda and offers one of the greet opportunities to discover the depth of the forest on foot.

The forest harbours several fauna and flora species ranging from over 300 tree species, swamps, waterfalls, primate species such as magabey, monkeys, baboons, Bush baby and over 315 bird species including the rare species such as, illadopsises, Nahan’s, francolin, papyrus, Gonolek, Purple-throated cuckoo among others, there are also 219 species of butterflies , reptile species including snakes, lizards among others.

Jinja – Uganda’s Adventure Capital 

Jinja- the food Hub and one of the adventure capitals of Uganda, it’s the distance from Kampala, covers about one and half hours’ drive on a good tarmacked road. while in jinja, you can visit the source of the Nile, Itanda Falls, the town of Jinja among others.

For the visitors having interest in visiting the adrenaline pumping adventures, you can connect from mabira forest east wards through over to the new suspension Bridge up to jinja. The activities here include; white water rafting, Kayaking, Bungee jumping at the Nile, quad biking, Horseback Riding along the Nile, these activities and others, offer you the best of your safari visit in Jinja.

There also family raft trip offered on the Nile. sunset cruises, fishing excursions, birding adventure where you will have an opportunity to view the animals along the shores of the lake. Biking, where will also take a ride to the nearby villages and around the Lake Victoria.

Heading West, you can find the following Top Things to do and see

Mabamba bay wetland is one of the famous places in Uganda to sight the shoebill stork, it covers a short drive from Kampala or Entebbe to the swamp covering approximately one-hour drive. The park is located in western Uganda specially when you are at Lake Mburo national park. Mabamba swamp, is good for birding safaris where you will have an opportunity to view different bird species along waters in the swamp.

For accommodation facilities, there are some decent lodges nearby where you can have delicious meals and an overnight stay.

Listed above are the samples of the attractions you can see while in Kampala, but Kampala alone offers a lot of things to do and see during your safari visit in Uganda. There are various attractions in, out and near the city of Kampala, enjoy your stay in the pearl of Africa.