Uganda Tourist Visa, Oidinary Uganda Visa

Where and when can I get my Uganda Tourism Visa? The beast and the easiest way to acquire your visa is on Arrival

Where and when can I get may Tourism Visa? when, where and to obtain a Tourism Visa

The easiest and the most appropriate way for one to acquire a visa in Uganda is one arrival at the Entebbe International airport which is the first entry point for travellers coming in to the country, while the airport, it’s the easiest way , no hassle without having to spend much time flowing the line and filling out forms, and challenges faced during the online system to many people. Although some may say that obtaining an online visa will speed the process during arrival at the airport, for many, this might not be the case reason being that, on arrival at the airport, you still have to follow the queue at the immigration office where the officials have to first stamp your passport and verify you have the actual Visa before they are both stamp.

All travellers entering any of the countries, that is Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, upon arrival, you will be requested to fill out the arrival cards before you enter the country you are intending to go too.

Also when travelling to any country of your choice in East Africa, you will be required to have the following documents valid passports, valid for at least six month, you will also need to show an international yellow card indicating that you had the yellow vaccination, the copy of your return flight home and for the travellers visiting Uganda for tourism safari, you will required to have a copy of the itinerary it can also be much helpful, with all this documents, it makes easy and speeds up the procedure for your to obtain your visa at the immigration office.

Uganda Visa- when to acquire? most appropriate way

For the travellers who prefer obtaining the Visa on arrival, in Entebbe international airport, or any other point of entry in to a country for example at the border, this is one of the fast means and you get to spend the least time at the airport so as to start on your journey to your preferred destination. You will not need photos, you will also not fill out the forms compared to online application, and stay back to wait for the reply from the immigration office which may take some time and causing delays for many travellers. Also, a visa on arrival, visa on arrival, has come one of the easiest and preferred way by many tourists in Uganda.

For the tourists who my not be satisfied with the obtaining of the visas on arrival, there other two ways you can also get your Uganda Visa.

Apply online for your Ugandan Tourism Visa at Uganda Immigration:

In case you need to finish up with your travel visa issues before you can arrive in to the country, then you can choose the online method of Visa application.

It all depends on the interest of the visitors, either to obtain the Visa on arrival, or through online application, many other visitors, have preferred the most efficient way to buy the Uganda tourist Visa is online application.

How does the online Visa application work?

You will be required to pay an extra amount of 50 USD; you will pay these using your credit card which is a fee charged for online visa application. You will also fill out the online forms and attach all the supporting documents required of you and submit them to immigration office. A few days later, you will receive a confirmatory email from the immigration office with the barcode in it, you will print out the email and on arrival, you will present this document to immigration office officials  where it will be scanned and pasted in your passport as your entry point in to the country. Welcome to Uganda!

When-How-where do I apply for my Uganda Tourist Visa: you can obtain on arrival, use online application with some fee charged for online application, online applicable is best and convenient for the travellers who want everything in proper arrangement before their arrival.

You can also apply for the Uganda tourism Visa at the Ugandan Embassy or through the Consulate in your country.

Besides online application to Uganda immigration office, or upon arrival, you can also apply for your Uganda tourism visa through the embassy, the Uganda embassy in your country, this process, can be a little time consuming and also costly , but in case the embassy is close by, then it’s convenient for you to visit the embassy.

You can send you’re your passport through mail to the Ugandan Embassy in the USA, and also insert in anew envelop that will be used to return the passport back to can be a bit convenient, but yet challenging since it may require much more procedures before you can acquire the Ugandan Visa.

Use of third-party Visa Service:

Visitors are not always advised to used the third-party service in order to obtain the Ugandan Visa, always such services cause challenges to the visitors where you may lose your money when there is no Ugandan Tourism Visa for you.

There are several websites that may attempt to corn you off your money with the aim of purchasing the Ugandan Tourism Visa for you, ignore them and only used the right and recommended website that is the Ugandan E-Visa Website only.

The official website is provides online application for the Visas to the tourist/ visitors coming to Uganda.

The original official application site has the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration control (DCIC) logo, the court of arms and the processes is completed in four steps that’s Selecting the application type, Fill the form, add the documents and submit your application. The Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration control, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uganda, informs the clients of the scam Websites that have tried to corn money from the visitors doing online application. The unofficial websites have three step and no official logo therefore you ought to be keen and avoid being corned off your money without receiving any Ugandan Visa. Therefore, apply for your Visa using the official Electronic Visa Application Portal for the Republic of Uganda. when you visit the website, note that, the government of Uganda SHALL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for any loss, monetary or otherwise occurring from the used of the fraudulent websites. Therefore, be aware of the corn men, the third-party visa service they have caused challenges for the visitors who are easily deceived.

Wrong and confusing Uganda Visa Information on the internet;

Be aware of the wrong and confusing information shown on different websites in the internet, there are currently three secure procedures you can use to acquire your Uganda Tourism Visa for Uganda that is;

Visa on arrival

Online visa application from the official Uganda website

You can also acquire the visa through the Uganda Embassy or through the Consulate in your country

Also, in case you need to know more about how to inquire the Uganda viva, you can also check with your airline and get for information or in case you can acquire the visa on arrival in Uganda, it will be of great help to you.

The East African Tourist Visa :

Tanzania is not among the participants for the East African Visa, the East African visa, is acquired for the travellers visiting Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. The East African visa, is obtained from the country you will be first visiting in East Africa, in case you visiting Uganda, first you will get the east African visa from the Immigration office in Kampala.

The East African tourist Visa, allows you to visit the three participating countries for the period of 90 days, the visa cost is 100 USD. The visa is best for the travellers who would first take time to visit Uganda on arrival at the Entebbe airport for the safari, and then wind up the safari with the Rwanda tourism and end up the safari in Kigali Rwanda. Alternatively, you can visit Uganda if you have interest in taking part in gorilla trekking, and after continue to Masai Mara in Kenya from Entebbe international airport. The East African tourist Visa, grants you access to three of the East African countries that is Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.