Vulture facts

Vulture facts – The vulture is a Scavenger bird and it is referred to as the hyenas in the skies. The vultures do play a very significant ecological role in cleaning up at the same time decomposing the dead animals. They have a broad massive wing which allows them to soar tireless for some hours. They have got cute eyesight which helps them to locate clearly their quarry if they are miles away. There are only two species of vultures that are found in Africa such as the cape vulture which is largest and the lappet faced vulture. These have got wingspans which reach about 2.9 meters. Here are the five fascinating facts about the vultures;

  1. The vultures have got a strict pecking discipline at the carcass with in the individuals of their own species as well as different species. While a typical savannah meeting the huge mature and aggressive lappet-faced vulture will take up dominion over the others. This aggressive vulture will be the first one to open the carcass for the fellow other vultures.
  2. The main purpose of the naked head of the vulture to make sure that no feathers get soiled as it is feed inside in the carcass. The naked head also a big role in thermoregulation which allows it to keep some heat by exposing or hiding the head depending on the conditions of the day.
  3. With the help of the thermals, the vulture is able to soar to the prodigious heights. The vulture holds the altitude records for all birds.
  4. The small Egyptian vulture also known as Neophron percnopterus are a great example of the tool use among the animal kingdom. The vultures are found of opening the eggs of the large bird such as Ostriches, the vulture does this by tossing small stones on the shells. It will repeat this action until the egg shell cracks. This kind of behavior was witness by the famous primatologist Jane Goodall with in the Ngorongoro crater in the year 1963.
  5. The vulture consume about 1kilogram of Carrion with the crop which is a distensible sack that is situated in the front of its esophagus. The vulture don’t depend on one type of food therefore these act as packed lunches for this amazing bird. If a vulture senses danger, it will empty its crop quickly to escape.