The best time to visit Tanzania is during the dry season which starts at towards the end of June till October. In June and July, you’ll see the wildebeest migrating in large numbers in Serengeti national park and in August and September you’ll see them crossing the river in the northern Serengeti.

However, the short dry season with less rainfall amounts in January to February is time for calving and this attracts predators especially lions, leopards, cheetahs and others to grab the calves for food. So this is the best time to commonly spot predators in the Serengeti.

Between November and May, Tanzania has migratory birds and this increases the variety available for the birders. January is also good for birding as migratory birds will be arriving.

On the other hand, the northern circuit remains attractive to visit throughout the year though chances of seeing the wildebeest migrating are in June and July.

It is easier to spot animals in the dry season around main water bodies since pools of water inside the park will have dried and they will be forced to move long distances to find water.

Mountain climbing on Mt. Kirimanjaro is also favorable and can be best done during the dry season between June and October.

Best Time to Visit Tanzania, When to Go on A Safari in Tanzania

Tanzania is One of the East African countries and its recognised for its participation in the East African community, situated in the sub Saharan part of Africa, Tanzania serves has one of the best African countries in terms of tourism purposes particularly in the game parks with the various national game parks offering various attractions and a wide range of activities for the tourists visiting the different parks.

Whereas Tanzania can be visited all year round, the dry season would be the best time for one should plan to visit the country. The dry season is best since it enables animal viewing reason being that during the dry season, the grass dries up and the water holes too therefore, the animals have move around the park in search for water and pasture. The animals tend to gather in an area having water in the national park therefore they gather around water holes rendering it the best spot for animal viewing. You will also catch the predators as they wait on the small animals coming to drink water along the banks of the river.

Despite Tanzania being open throughout the year, there is not wrong or right time to visit the country, the national parks are open all through the year and all activities area carried out no matter the season of the year, but knowing the right time to visit different parks and the activities to be done, will help you have the best experience and to avoid inconveniences that may interfere with the activity .

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