Tanzania Safari Lodges

A trip to Tanzania is made complete and impressive by the best and most comfortable accommodation provided by most of the lodges around the major national parks that provide fascinating views of the surrounding landscapes. The location of most camps is perfect and gives the best experience of the wilderness.

Some of the best lodges in Serengeti are Mapito tented camp, Serengeti serena safari lodge, Serengeti samba lodge, Kirawira Serena camp, Nasikia Mobile migration camp,Soroi Serengeti lodge, Acacia Seronera luxury camp, Elawana Serengeti Pioneer camp, Seronera wildlife lodge, Lamai Serengeti and many others. Lodges at Ngorongoro crater are Neptune Ngorongoro luxury lodge, Ngorongoro Serena safari lodge, Kasi Tembo rest house, andBeyond Ngorongoro crater lodge, Sanctuary Ngorongoro crater camp, Ngorongoro wildlife lodge. Lake Manyara Serena safari, Escarpment luxury lodge and Manyara wildlife safari camp are well located in Lake Manyara national park with breathtaking views of the park.