Gray Crowned Crane is the National Bird of Uganda

You can see the crested crane while on your Safari in Uganda

The Crested Crane, is Uganda’s National bird, its used as the symbol on the Uganda National flag. Its referred as a national bird, yet it’s an endangered species in Uganda. whereby it’s under a threat the Encroachment, people even steal the eggs which is a threat to the national bird of Uganda, other factors affected the gray crowned crane is climatic conditions such as drought, degradation in human development, over grazing which has caused destruction on the food for the birds to feed on, hunting and the use of pesticides have also killed the animals thus leading to their reduction in Number, thus causing a threat to the birds.

Despite these factors, the gray crowned cranes, are also diminishing due to the wrong believe by the witch doctors or the traditional healers in Africa, there also poachers all contributing to the decline in number of these animals.

The witch doctors keep dead cranes in their shrines in which they believe that the strong portion made from the cranes and their eggs, help to keep human relations strong following the intimate relationship of the crested crane with their partners. They also believed it’s a good sign to keep away evil spirits from the children, but this is all superstitions and efforts are put to charge that wrong mindset. The government has been in various habitats to protect the birds and hopefully, the crested crane will thrive and not just as the symbol on the Uganda flag.

The Gray-crowned Crane of Uganda—The species is Uganda’s official symbol and also appears on the flag of Uganda. For Uganda’s cranes on the flag, the stunning colours on the flag that red symbolising the blood that flows in every person, black, gold and red. Black symbolizing Uganda as an African nation and we are happy to be part of the continent. yellow is a symbol of the plentiful sun and the new and tasty fruits, vegetables, beautiful greenery and golden light from the sky. We will be pleasant and polite since we all, all nations, have the same blood colour. Red is indicative of our love for others and our recognition as brothers or sisters.  This Ugandan bird is rather elegant and stands on its flag, with the bird on a white backdrop, symbolizing a bright future for the region. The Uganda bird is named “Uganda cranes” and is the national carrier’s approved brand name for the good old days when the bird was flying in the air it was pictured on the Uganda plane.

The grey crowned cranes, have crest crown on the head made up of stiff golden feathers, when they are walking, the sound of the footsteps, can be heard from far distance, during the time for feeding, they use their strong bills to dig in to the soil in search for roots and bulbs beneath the ground.

The production, the gray crowned crane, is monogamous species to mate with each other for life. There mating and production of offspring’s, mainly occurs during the rainy season in the month of October, to April and December to February the selected areas of breeding, is specially in standing water or in surrounding places. Often, they hide when the canopy is high to secure and optimize light with just their eyes. Three or four eggs are laid. Over a period of 28-30 days, the eggs are incubated. They are light-blue, freshly laid eggs and after 12 hours are able to swim or to float and continue to feed and travel with the adults in 24 hours to find food.

The Grey Crowned Crane has a strong flight, but has to fly first. The beats are strong and steady, but thermal are often included.

There feeding habit, they feed on grasses, seeds, insects, smaller vertebrates and other invertebrates. They also feed on groundnuts, soybeans, maize and millet.