Mgahinga national park, not only is a home to the mountain gorillas, but tourist have a lot of tourist attractions to see while at Mgahinga national park. Mgahinga national park, is one of the two national parks in Uganda famously known for harbouring habituated gorilla families. The park is among the smallest in Uganda and covers a small land area of 160sqkm, situated in southwestern Uganda along the border of Uganda with Rwanda and the DR. Congo.

Mgahinga national harbors one habituated gorilla family from which travelers on gorilla trekking, can also take part in. Not only gorillas, the park is a home to several bird species, golden monkey and other wildlife species. Mgahinga, is the only national park in Uganda where the mountain gorillas and golden monkeys c0-exist with each other.

Accessing Mgahinga National Park.

For travelers taking part in doing activities and visiting Mgahinga national park, the park, can be reached through two different entry points either by road tri of flying from Entebbe airport to and from Kisoro or kihihi airstrip. The shortest route and most convenient to use are from Kigali in Rwanda to Kisoro town, this is far easy and can take approximately 4-5 hours drive on road through Chanika boarder to Mgahinga national park.

The other option is a bit longer but still get you to the same destination, is from Entebbe international airport where most travelers first reach when entering in to Uganda. Drive time is approximately 8-9hours on road via Mbarara, kabale to Kisoro then to, Mgahinga national park. The journey is along but incase you have a few stop overs. the trip is a bit enjoyable to view some of the scenery a long the country side. For the travelers who do not do long trips can alternatively take the chartered flight from Entebbe airport or Kajjansi to kihihi or Kisoro airstrip where you will be transferred to Mgahinga national park for the start of your safari.

Top things to do and see in Mgahinga National Park

Mgahinga national park, has got several attractions to see and do for the travelers visiting the park. Gorilla tracking has become one of the most popular activity done here in Mgahinga national park, the park harbors one habituated gorilla family known as Nyakagezi. the family is composed of 14 members living in the bamboo forest of Mgahinga national park. Mgahinga has a lot of shrubs food on which gorillas feed on. So, these has reduced on their mobility since food is within their premises. These gorilla family is one of the easiest to trek since they roam with in the forest. Gorilla trekking permits for Mgahinga national park, can be booked and trekking in Uganda since for the past 3 years, these gorillas have been residing in Mgahinga national park in Uganda.

Gorilla permits for Mgahinga national park, are issued by the Uganda wildlife authority to trek the gorillas, the permits can be booked in advance directly through UWA or any of the trusted tour operators in Uganda this is to say that, a maximum of 8 gorilla permits are issued by the Uganda Wildlife Authority each day to track gorillas in Mgahinga national park therefore 8 people per day are to visit gorillas in Mgahinga. Any traveler having interest in visiting Uganda for gorilla trekking, you can reach to us at adventure in the wild safaris, by sending your actual dates for gorilla trekking then it will be our task to check for the availability and reserve the permits for you. And after we have made the payments, we will send you the copies of payment from Uganda wildlife authority. All you need id to book a gorilla or Uganda safari with then we will be able to reserve the permits for Mgahinga gorilla trekking for you. Kindly look through some our tour packages to for Uganda safaris inclusive of Mgahinga national park and let us know if you are in need of safari to Uganda, we will be able to offer you all the information and the quote for the safari. Also note that our safaris are tailored basing on the time and interest of our clients, we offer safaris ranging from budget and luxury safaris. It’s all up to the client to know what a mount he requires to spend on his or her safari in Uganda.

Golden monkey trekking in Mgahinga National Park

Besides gorilla trekking, travelers can still take park in complementary activities such as golden monkey tracking as one of the top things to do in Mgahinga national park. Mgahinga is the only park in Uganda whereby the monkeys can be visited in their natural habitat. This is much easier to track the monkeys since there is no limited number of people required to track, the permits can be got from the park’s headquarters and Mgahinga national park and not from Uganda wildlife authority office in Kampala. The permit allows you to be with the gorillas in their natural habitat, the fee includes park entry fees, and the service of the ranger guide. Adventure in the wild safaris, offer both gorilla trekking Safaris and also visit to the habituated golden monkey families. In case you need more information on golden monkey tracking, contact us or send us an inquiry will be able to offer all the necessary information inorder for you plan your safari in Uganda accordingly.

Golden making habituation experience

Besides golden monkey trekking, you can also do golden monkey habituation experience still at Mgahinga national park. Travelers taking this activity, will be allowed to spend four hours with golden monkey families that are still under habituation, not only that, you will also be an active participant in the habituation process. The activiuty starts with the briefing at the park headquarters around 7: 00am in the morning and then you will trek in to the forest in search for the monkeys. The experience can last for 30 min to half hours depending on their current location on that day. Then you will be given four hours with them, you are therefore free to ask the rangers all the questions and be able to get the answers.

Volcano hiking in Mgahinga National Park

Volcano hiking is among the top thighs to do and see in Mgahinga national park, travelers can take part in hiking the three of the volcano mountains of Muhavura, Mgahinga and Sabinyo. Hiking any of the tree mountains will require one to three days for full hike.

Bird watching experience in Mgahinga National Park

Uganda id best known for birding safaris, Mgahinga is a bird paradise. Birding safaris in Mgahinga national park, are done all year round for the bird watchers. But the best time of the year would be from April to May and from October to November. There are several migratory birds in to the park adding to the existing bird species to be viewed.

Batwa cultural experience in Mgahinga national park

Before the park was gazzetted in to the national park, Mgahinga first was inhabited by the bush people known as the pygmies and the Batwa who lived in the forest for long and all their survival was in the forest, they practiced a lot of activities and earned the living from it including, hunting, fruit gathering, art and craft and many more other activities. Later when Mgahinga national park was gazzetted, the Batwa people were relocated outside the national park. Visiting these people is full of excitement you will learn a lot more about their history, they will show off their dances and explain how they have managed to settle and enjoy normal life outside the forest.

Where to stay while in Mgahinga national park

Mgahinga national park, is situated in the southern part of Uganda and the nearest town is Kisoro and has several comfortable lodges where one can stay if you book any of the activities in Mgahinga national park. The nearest lodge is Mgahinga lodge located just at the parks gate. The lodge offers comfortable accommodation to visitors who visit Mgahinga national park. Its most suitable for those that want to spend more time in Mgahinga and others. Adventure in the while safaris makes sure that you have the best of your stay while in Uganda, depending on your budget for the safari and the nature of the lodge you would want to stay in.

Adventure in the wild safaris offers tour packages to Mgahinga national park, and any other national park in Uganda and Rwanda. Are you in need of a safari in Uganda or Rwanda, we are here email us, we will be able to respond to you as soon as possible and offer you all the information you need for that particular safari? Check some of tour packages to Mgahinga and whole other national parks in Uganda and Rwanda and then we can start from there.