Things to do and to see in Semuliki national park –wildlife reserve.

Semuliki national park is among the ten national parks of Uganda and it is situated in the western rift valley escarpment. The park consists of Semiliki River, forests and savannah grasslands, which borders the Rwenzori Mountains of the moon, the Democratic Republic of Congo thus giving the park exceptional and amazing views. Visiting Semiliki national park is like visit the Democratic Republic of Congo due to the fact that the park is an extension of the ituri forests of the Democratic republic of Congo.

Semiliki national park is famous for the bird watching experience and it’s normally included on the wildlife itineraries since it has few wildlife animals but there is a lot to explore. Although the reserve is a birder’s paradise, you will enjoy viewing a few wildlife, the great hot springs, the beautiful flowers, the central African plants, Semiliki River, the primates, the tropical forest jungle among many others.

You will find part of Semuliki National Park stretching out to the western part of the Rwenzori Mountains which is known as the mountains of the moon. The park is dominated by the virgin lowland forests which are known as being an extension of the Ituri forests which spread to the park from the side of Semiliki River.

6 Best Things to do and see in the Semuliki national park

The scenic beauty and outlook of semuliki national park is quite familiar to tarvelers that have been to central africa nad west african oil palm trees. You enjoy the exception and exciting appaearnce of the landscape and its wildlife wonders. The Bwamba forest of park harbors wonderful and extremely interesting mammal, a wide diversity of bird species which will only spot again in central Africa. You will love interacting with the original residents of the ancient tropical rainforests that are found in this place, these are the batwa which are referred to as the shortest people in the world. You will as visit other communities such as the Bwamba farmers, the Bakutu who are cattle keepers, Bakonzo who you find cultivating on the elevation of Rwenzori Mountains, The pastoralist community that are found in the open landscape plains of semiliki valley.

It is important to note that the Bwamba forest that has covers an altitude of about 670 to 760 meters is the only lowland tropical forest that is situated in east Africa and it’s a home to over 441 bird species, and about 53 mammals. The population bird species in semiliki national takes up almost half of the bird species found in Uganda thus making the park the best bird watching destination in Africa.

Things to do in semuliki national park