Tipping on safari in uganda

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 Tipping is not a culture in Uganda and most countries in its neighborhood. This is however being adapted especially by people with jobs in the tourism industry especially in hotels, lodges and with guides. Most of the locals in the industry are starting to make it a habit because of the tourists they move stay within the county. Tipping is mainly done by Americans because this has been their culture and is the best way to appreciate service in their country.

Uganda is not one of those countries where tipping is a must after service provision. Rather the client does it upon their own will and they are free not to tip if they don’t feel like. It is only a sign of appreciating the services which most clients do to their lodge attendants, guides and drivers. However, there are some tour operators that have come up with tipping tariff lists. I do not support this because it means that one is forced to pay for it yet is should be out of one’s feeling of service satisfaction. What if the client wanted to tip you with more than what you are actually requesting for as the tip? Let clients give tips as their own decisions.

Currency for tipping at destinations

While tipping local guides or any other service providers in Uganda, it is advisable better that you tip in Uganda Shillings. This is so because the receiver is able to use the money immediately since using foreign currency will require them to first exchange the currency yet forex bureaus are not easily found in all areas except towns. In case you do not have enough shillings with you, it is still okay to tip with dollars.

Driver guides will appropriately advise you about tipping

When you organize your Uganda safari with a tour operator, you will have a driver guide who is well versed with the professional way of handling each and every thing regarding the tourism activities and any other issues that may come up. You can therefore inquire from them about when to tip and the amount you can tip.

The driver guide will also help you to find porters, people to help on some other necessary stuff like laundry among others.

Tipping is good

It is not an obligation to tip in Uganda but it’s a good way to appreciate the services rendered to you especially if you were pleased and it also motivates people who attend to you. These workers earn a salary for their work but their salaries are not big enough due to the costs of living in Uganda and these tips are used to cater for some of their necessities at that moment. For example, people who earn monthly will utilize the tips on expenses such as transport, meals at home, cater for families or even save it for investment. Your tip helps many people out there, it saves someone in one way or the other and is therefore not taken for granted.

Tipping staff that attend to you at your lodge and restaurant is very important especially if you plan to use their services repeatedly. It encourages the person serving you to be more committed and do better than before.

How much should I tip in Uganda 

Tipping tour guide uganda

Most people that get tips from tourists are driver guides, those in restaurants, porters and local guides. Since tipping in ugsnda is out of courtesy, it doesn’t matter how much you tip so even a small tip is appreciated. For driver guides, you may consider US$10 per day if you are pleased with his/her service and in restaurants, 5-10% is a good tip.

Tipping In Uganda, How much should i tip in Uganda, tipping tour guide uganda, tipping on safari in uganda.