Top 15 Uganda Birds 

Top 15 Uganda Bird species to see in Uganda while on your birdwatching tour. Explore the 15 best Birds in Uganda. Birdwatching Uganda birds.

Uganda is a home to over 1000 bird species and most ocreolen gold gucci abiti freschi monki velour creolen gold gucci zimski škornji alpina ikea półka drewniana baltimore ravens trikot jackson tally weijl shorts harry styles hoodie champion scarpe guardiani uomo vespa lx 50cc verset stella perfume schubladen organizer cicás hosszúujjú gyerekpóló etui pour s7 f these survive in the tropical forest areas, some of the most preferred bird species by birders include:

List of the 15 top birds in Uganda to look out for while on a birding safari

The shoebill

These are uncommon bird species that are hard to describe but cane spotted in various birding destinations in Uganda. It is also a large bird that has a whalehaed and can easily be spotted in Masha areas with fresh waters. The bird is interesting bird that liked by many birders, it is characterized by grey feathery color that are found on the adults and juveniles.

The African green broadbill.

This is among the big five birds in Africa and it is also known as the Grauer’s broadbill and it one of the most liked birds by the birders. It can be spotted in areas like the Albertine regions and the sub-tropical forests.  They are differentiated by their blue throat and a small bill.

The Green-breasted pitta

This can be found in the sun tropical forests as well as the soggy lowlands, though they are hard to find, they are one of the most liked birds by birders who desperately search for it while on their safari. They can be differentiated by their encircled throat with a black line plus it the green colored breast.

The great blue turaco 

These are some of the pretty and exciting birds, large in size and can be spotted in the savannah, montane forests, in tree canopies as well as sultry areas. The birds are hunted for meat and they are poor at flying.

The Shelley’s crimson wing

The bird is rare to find though it can be spotted in the Albertine rift valley region, and it is one of the most favorites to bird lovers. It can be differentiated by its olive heads plus the red mantle and its crown is covered by the bright red.

The standard-winged nightjar

It is not easy to spot the bird during day time, it can only be seen during the evening hours and at dawn. It can be differentiated by its flying foxes. It has feathers that can at times stretch up to 38cms and it is one of the birders favorite birds though hard to find.

The short-tailed Warbler

It is also known as Neumann’s Warbler, it is a unique bird with a large head, short tail, broad arch of hairs above its greyish-brown eye, the front of its eye is dull green and it is white designed. It can be spotted in the sub-tropical areas and forest vegetation.

The Doherty’s Bushshrike.

The bird can be spotted by its calling sound and it hides itself in the thick under bush thus is hard to see. It is has got outstanding colors especially the adults, it has a red cheerful throat and head, black tail, broad black breasted band, the young ones have a pale green color, yellow under parts and striped green.

The bar tailed trogon

These can be spotted in forest areas and they have yellow feet and bill, they have far on their long nail, females have brown heads, a light cinnamon throat and breast, while the males have blue black heads, two orange, one yellow patches found below the eye , luminous colors of the green-blue plus violet upper breast.

The black breasted barbet

These are known as one of the solitary birds that found in tree shell openings. They feed mainly on flowers, fruits, insects such as centipedes, dragon flies among many others.  They also feed on frogs, geckos as well as lizard as their food sometimes. They lay about 2 to 4 eggs and they incubate them for 13-15 days.  They can be differentiated by the big heads, hefty bill which fringe with the hackles.

Where to go birding

There are a lot of great spot destinations for bird watching experiences in Uganda. These include;

Mabamba bay wetland

The island is situated on at the edges of Lake Victoria, and it is a one hour’s drive from the city. The place is famous home for the shoebill that hides in the waterweeds as it waits for the fish. Other bird species in this area include the African and lesser Jacanas, the African pygmy goose, the blue breaded bee eater, the pied king fisher among others. The place can be accessed using canoe boats, wooden boats which carry about 3 people and it takes a short time to get to the island.

Queen Elizabeth national park

This is one of the birder’s paradises in Uganda with about 600 bird species and birding in Queen Elizabeth national park is done in various regions of the park such as maramagambo forest, Kasenyi plains, kazinga channel, Katunguru Bridge, Ishasha sector, lake Kikorongo and Mweya peninsular. Some of the bird species expected be spotted in the park include; African skimmer, the Chapin’s flycatcher, the marital eagle, the bar-tailed godwit, pink-backed pelican, African braid bill, the papyrus Canary, the black-rumped buttonquail, the white winged warbler, among others.

Bwindi impenetrable forest

Bwindi forest national park is not only a famous destination for the gorilla trekking experience but it is also great place for bird watching experience for all bird lovers. Bwindi forest is a home to over 350 bird species and about 14 bird species are not found elsewhere in other countries. The bird watching sections in Bwindi forest national park include bamboo zone, the waterfall trail in Buhoma sector and the Mubwindi swamp trail. Birds found in Bwindi forest include; the green Tinker bird, the white bellied robin chat, the archer’s robin chat, the red-throated alethe, the dwarf honey guide, the Shelly’s greenbull, African wood owl, the fine-banded woodpecker, the bar tailed trogon, the grey Cuckoo-shrike, the handsome francolin among others.

Semiliki national park

This is one of the best bird watching destinations in Africa. The park has sections where you can enjoy bird watching experience such Sempaya, Ntandi and river Kirumia region. Some of the bird species that will be spotted in this park include; the white crested hornbill, the ross’s Turaco, the great blue, the piping hornbill, the shoebill stork, the yellow throat Nicator, the red billed dwarf hornbill among others.

Murchison Falls national park

Murchison falls national park which is the largest national park is another birder’s paradise and it famous home to the shoebill stork which is the major attraction on the shores of the Albertine Nile that cross through the park. The birds in the park include the forest birds, the Albertine endemic birds, as well as savannah birds which and they can be spotted on a game drive safari in the park, on a boat cruise, or on guided nature walk in the park. Besides the shoebill that is common in the dry season there are other bird species found in the park such as the woodpeckers, the red throated and swallow-tailed bee eater, the warbler, the grey heron, the francolin, the shrikes, ducks, geese, Cuckoos, malachite king fisher, stilts among others.

Lutembe bay

Lutembe wetland bay is located on the shores of Lake Victoria and the place is famous destination for bird watching experience. it is known place for stopover birds where they make their break for their journey, it is home to populations of bird which are migratory and others are indigenous birds. There over 200 birds that live in this place and about 26 are migratory birds. They include the African green pigeon, the road billed roller, the brown-backed scrub robin, the sooty chat, the lead-colored flycatcher, the tropical boubou, the whiskered tern among others.

Mgahinga Gorilla national park

Mgahinga is a habitat for the endangered mountain gorillas and it is also home to over 180 species of birds where some are Albertine endemic. Birders will take trails such as the gorge trail, the bamboo trail, farm or community trail and birds you will see in the park include Cinnamon bracken warbler, the banded Prinia, the black headed waxbill, the western green tinker bird, the cape robin, the turtle dove, the Rwenzori batis the blue headed sunbird, the streaky seed-eater, the olive pigeon, the great double collared, the stripe-breasted tit among others.

Kibale national park

Kibale national park is famous best home for primate animals although it is another birder’s paradise in Uganda. The sanctuary has over 139 bird species which you will enjoy viewing from different sections of the park. Expected to enjoy watching bird species like the black and white shrike flycatcher, the brown throated wattle eye, the yellow spotted barbet, the grey winged Robin chat, the western Nicator, the white winged warbler, the browned-crowned Tchagra, the papyrus gonolek, the black bishop, the white collared olive back among others.

Rwenzori mountains national park

The park is a habitat to about 217 bird species, 19 are endemic to the Albertine rift valley area. Bird species will be spotted on a hike and some of these include the blue headed sunbird, the white stared robin chat, the swifts, the black eagles, the beard vultures, the long eared owl, golden winged sunbird, the Rwenzori Turaco among others.

Lake Mburo national park

Lake Mburo national park is among the bird watching places in Uganda and birds can be spotted in different regions such as the marshy areas of Miriti, Warukiri, and camp Rwonyo among other places with in the park. Some of the birds that will be spotted in the park include the common scrimitarbill, the grey crown crane, the white headed barbet, long-tailed cristicola, the white-winged Tit, the red-shouldered Cuckoo-shrike, the black-bellied bustard, Coqui francolin, the green wood-hoopoe, the brown parrot, the bare foot faced Go-away bird among others.

Top 15 Uganda Bird species to see in Uganda while on your birdwatching tour. Explore the 15 best Birds in Uganda. Birdwatching Uganda birds.