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Uganda Food, Uganda Foods, Uganda Cuisine, Ugandan Food – Complete guide to Uganda Cuisine

Uganda Food Guide – Uganda is not only an amazing destination for wildlife but also has a great cuisine. Ugandans have maintained use of traditional foods and preserved its traditional cooking styles though some people have adapted internal dishes and ways of preparation especially in hotels. There are continental, Asian and Arab foods and dishes prepared especially in upmarket hotels.

There is a variety of foods in different regions of Uganda which some of these are considered staple food for the different tribes. You’ll also realize that these staple foods are the ones that are able to grow in their regions in plenty due to factors such as climate, soils and altitude and availability of resources such as water bodies for fish. These foods include banana locally known as matooke which is the commonest food that you’ll find in all markets, cassava, yams, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, millet and many more. These foods are accompanied with sauce of beef, goat meat, pork, beans, g/nuts, chicken, fish and different vegetables. Uganda is also a source of tasty tropical fruits including different kinds of banana, pineapple, mangoes, oranges, watermelon and papaya.

Uganda Food in hotels

Dishes on menus of hotels vary depending on the category of the hotel; whether it is an upmarket, luxury, an exclusive lodges or just a local restaurant. It also depends on the location of the hotel as those close to tourism destinations and frequently hosting international visitors normally have a wide range of international dishes in addition to the local dishes. Travelers from other continents therefore do not need to worry about what they will eat when they are in Uganda since their needs will be catered for in such hotels.

Mostly, upmarket and luxury hotels are better at preparing international dishes like continental dishes, Indian dishes among others and in case you want to try local dishes, the mid range and budget also prepare them perfectly. Luxury and midrange hotels accompany your meals with fruits for dessert and they may also be served for breakfast. While at these hotels or restaurants, you can try having a local dish.

As you plan for your safari to Uganda, remember that this is the Pearl of Africa and there is lots of stuff to do besides trekking for mountain gorillas and chimpanzees, hiking, watching different wildlife, water rafting, enjoying boat rides and canoeing. You can visit communities and homes and learn how Ugandans traditionally preserve and cook their foods. In Uganda, most rural homes stock a few durable foods like flour (millet, cassava, maize) and the perishables will be bought or harvested regularly when planning to prepare them, for example matooke, cassava, meat and others. Like most African countries, Ugandans mostly eat fresh foods.

Visiting homes to see how Ugandans cook their food offers an opportunity to watch how they first grill their meat or chicken, how they steam matooke or even more matooke and other foods like yams and cassava on top, how they cook g/nuts and any other foods. You’ll see how family members help one another in preparing these family meals.

There is also what is locally known as “Luwombo”- it can be chicken luwombo, beef luwombo or g/nut luwombo. This is a traditional way of cooking the above foods in the central region of Uganda and it takes long hours. The chicken, beef or g-nuts are stewed in banana leaves. You ought to see how this is done and wait until these local dishes are ready, then that would be the time that you will have the tastiest meals of your lifetime. However, luwombo is mostly prepared on special events like traditional marriage ceremonies and festive seasons.

Rolex, An Amazing Ugandan Food 

This has been one of the commonest quick foods that Ugandans have been and still buy on the streets. It has however now gone beyond this and more people are consuming it more than ever before. It is now served in restaurants, booths have been opened up purposely to serve rolex and an annual festival takes place to enjoy the delicacy. Rolex comprises of chapatti and rolled eggs and you’ll be asked if you need the vegetables to be cooked together with the eggs or served fresh on the rolex. Don’t miss out on this fast tasty food.

Uganda Food, Uganda Foods, Uganda Cuisine, Ugandan Food – Complete guide to Uganda Cuisine

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