Gorilla trekking in Uganda is mostly done in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park as well as in mountain Mgahinga national park. The two trekking destinations are situated in south western region of Uganda. The parks are situated in high elevations altitudes ranging from 11190 meters to 2607 meters above sea level. The trekking destinations have got tropical rainforests with tropical climate and temperatures that ranges from 7-27 degrees celicious.  Due to the tropical rainforest climates and temperatures the park receives a lot of rainfall ranging from 1400 meters to 1900 meters per year. Heavy rains are received between march to April and September to November and the dry season runs from June to October and December to February.

For all travelers visiting Uganda for gorilla trekking, it is important that they acquire knowledge of what to carry before they travel to come and enjoy their gorilla trekking adventure. Because without this knowledge of the gorilla trekking Ausrüstung or equipment it may ruin their gorilla trekking adventure in either Bwindi or Mgahinga national park.  please contact Adventure in wild safaris if don’t know the Uganda trekking Ausrüstung / equipment especially for a country like Uganda where it tropical climate is unpredictable. We shall be of help as you proceed to book your Uganda gorilla trekking safari.

Uganda gorilla trekking Ausrüstung / equipment in the rainy season

Also these are sometimes called trekking gears, they are also known as gorilla trekking Equipment’s / Ausrüstung in the language. These vary from season to season as follows;


Ausrüstung /Equipment’s in the Rainy Season

As earlier mentioned the rain season runs from September to November, then march to April. What carry during the rainy season includes;

Water proof rain jackets, usually during the rainy season, rainfalls tend to be too much and it can’t be predicted. Therefore, there is likelihood of it raining during the trekking process. To be on a safe side we advise that a traveler carries their water proof jackets.

Warm clothing, due to the cold temperatures in the high altitudes, the mountain gorillas got used and can survive it as they are warmed by their long and thick fur onto their bodies. We advise that a traveler carries warm clothing like sweaters, neck scarves because sometimes it gets too cold in the forest mountains.

Long sleeved clothing, travelers are advised to put on long sleeved tops/ shirts and long trousers, since the trekking destinations have thick under growth and it’s a forest, it is obvious that it has many insects that can sting. We therefore advise that you carry clothing that covers most of your body parts and avoid ruining your gorilla trekking dream.

Garden gloves, this is an important equipment that a travel ought not to forget carrying it, during the rainy season the grounds are wet, slippery and there is a possibility that you will reach some points and it will become tough and hard but you have to continue. In such cases there will be need to touch the ground grasses or plants to support you hike you until you sight these mountain gorillas.  The gloves will therefore prevent you from germs and harm on the body.

Strong and water proof hiking boots, in the rainy seasons there is little penetration of sunlight to the ground due to the burials of the thick forest tree canopies. This makes the trekking destinations wet, muddy and slippery while hiking since mountain gorillas are found in higher altitudes u will need to carry strong hiking boots to trek a gorilla group. This is used both in dry and rainy seasons

 Uganda gorilla trekking Ausrüstung/ equipment for the dry season

Sun screen replant, this an essential equipment especially for travelers with sensitive skins, it’s a lotion to protect the skin just as it may become very hot and sunny while trekking since it is a dry season.

Hats and sunglasses, a traveler should not forget to carry their hats as well as sun glasses that will protect him/her from being heated by sun rays. It is another necessity that travelers should consider.

Uganda Gorilla trekking Ausrüstung for the rainy and dry season

Strong Binoculars, as you prepare to go gorilla trekking in Uganda especially in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga gorillas national park expect to see a lot of birdlife species some of which will be visible with the binoculars. We therefore advise that you carry them so that you can supplement on your gorilla trekking safari with bird watching at no added cost.

Drinking water, hiking the mountain needs a lot of energy and you will need water to quench your thirst while trekking the mountain gorillas. We therefore advise that a traveler to carry enough drinking water about 3 litters of water. It is also an important item, since during the dry season you will sweat as your climbing the mountain to trek the mountain gorillas.

Extra batteries and Cameras, gorilla trekking is done once in a life time, it is advisable that a traveler carries their cameras to capture the lifetime experience of gorilla trekking and also take a lot of pictures with gorillas as you can.  However, it is important to note that the gorillas don’t like flash of the cameras. Therefore, your cameras shouldn’t have flash lights in them as your taking pictures with these mountain gorillas.