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Brief About Safari Uganda

Uganda Safari Tours – Uganda Safaris offer a unique travel experience because of the several safari activities and parks in Uganda. Also known as “the Pearl of Africa”, Uganda is endowed with several wildlife including the endangered mountain gorillas which can be trekked in Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park, you can also see the African Big five (Lions, Leopards, Buffaloes, Elephants and Rhino’s), The chimpanzees can also be trekked in several locations in Uganda, Uganda is blessed with several birds, and mountains. All these combined mean that you can only expect a unique Uganda safari experience when you visit the pearl of Africa as there are several activities you can choose from.

The Uganda Safari Parks: all the national Parks.

Uganda has 10 national parks and several other game reserves, here are the top parks and reserves to visit for a Uganda Safari.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national Park

Bwindi is one of the top destinations to visit for mountain Gorilla Trekking. The Bwindi Impenetrable forest national Park is home to half of the mountain Gorilla population in the world and thus is the number one destination to track these endangered species. While in Bwindi, there are several other things you can see including the birds, chimpanzees, Forest Elephants. There are also several nature trails and walks that you can visit.  If interested in a cultural encounter, you can opt to visit the Batwa Pygmies, a group of indigenous people who lived in the forests of Bwindi hunting and gathering before it was gazzeted into a national park.

Murchison Falls National Park

Are you interested in a wildlife safari/ Big five Safari? At the moment Murchison Falls National Park is the best park to visit to see wildlife in Uganda. Its home to four of the big five (The Elephants, Buffaloes, Lions, leopards), with The Rhino’s available to be tracked in the Ziwa Rhino santyuary located in Nakasongola enroute to Murchison falls national park.  The Murchison falls national park also previously known as Kabalega falls are also popular for having one of the strongest falls in the world, the Murchison Falls, located at a point in the park where the Nile forces its way through a gorge only 8 meters wide.

Kibale Forest National Park

The Kibale Forest national Park is known as the primate capital of the world, its home to 13 primate species including the Chimpanzees, L’hoest monkeys, White and Red colubus monkeys, Patas Monkeys, and several others. This is the number one Chimpanzee trekking destination in Uganda, and its there recommended for individuals looking for an experience with our closest counsins in the Primate world, sharing about 99% of their DNA with humans. While at Kibale forest national Park, one of the added activities you can do is visiting the Bigodi wetlands for a nature walk, rewarding with sighting of more monkeys, Birds, butterflies.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Your Uganda Safari cannot be complete without a visit to Queen Elizabeth national park, one of the most popular parks in Uganda. While at Queen Elizabeth national Park, the top things to do include Game drives in Kasenyi, and in the Ishasha sector to see the tree climbing lions, visiting the crater lakes and salt licks, a Boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel, chimpanzee trekking in Kyambura or the Kalinzu forest, visiting Maramagambo and the bat caves, Community walks and visiting schools.

Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo is one of the closest safari parks to access from Kampala. The Park is home to Zebras, Eland, Buffaloes, Impala, Kobs, Giraafes, and several other antelope species. You can also see the Leopards especially if you do the night safari. Lake Mburo is also one of the parks in Uganda where you can do the walking safari.

Mountain Rwenzori National Park

The Rwenzori mountains national Park is popular for Mountain trekking, with many travelers coming to Uganda to hike this marvelous mountain popular for having a snow capped peak known as margherita peak on mount Stanley at an Elevation of 5,109 m above sea level.

Kidepo Valley National Park

The Kidepo Valley national Park is by far Uganda’s top wildlife safari Destination. Located in the unchartered northen region of the country also known as Karamoja, the Kidepo valley never ceases to amaze those interested in a unique safari experience, and cultural extravaganza.

The other national parks in Uganda are the Semuliki National Park and the Mount Elgon national park, both unique and amazing in equal measure as the above parks.

Other destinations for Uganda Safaris

Jinja, Uganda’ s Adventure Capital.

Are you interested in Adventure sports such as white water rafting, bungee jumping, quad biking, horseback riding, cycling, zip lining, Kayaking etc. Jinja a town in Eastern Uganda is popular for adventure sports and is therefore known as Uganda’s Adventure capital.

Lake Bunyonyi

After visiting the Gorilla’s, a visit to Lake bunyonyi before ending your safari is worthwhile.  This small lake is the deepest in Uganda and most beautifull, dotted with several islands. A boat cruise on Lake Bunyonyi is very rewarding as you will be able to visit several islands, take photos. One of the popular islands is the punishment islands where people from neigbouring communities could banish young girls who go pregnant before marriage. The locals used to take you by boat to the Punishment island and you are abandoned there with no way of returning to the shores.

The Mabamba Bay wetlands

The Mabamba wetlands are a popular destination where one can go for a Uganda Birding Safari, especially to see the Shoebill stork, a large prehistoric looking bird.

The Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Located in Nakasongola district, The Ziwa Rhino Sanctaury was setup to conserve Rhinos and will later be reintroduced in areas which once had them, before they were poached to zero. A visit to the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is always a good addition to Safaris to Murchison Falls national Park.

Top Activities to do on Uganda Safaris

Gorilla Trekking and chimpanzee trekking

Uganda is one of three destinations in the world where you can see gorillas in their natural habitat. You can visit Uganda to track the Gorillas in the Bwindi Impenetrable national park and the Mgahinga national parks. Uganda is home to more half of the mountain Gorilla Population in the world. The chimpanzees can also be tracked in Several destinations in Uganda including the Kibale forest national park and several others such as the Kyambura Gorge, the Budongo forest, the Kalinzu forest etc.

Wildlife / Game viewing Safaris

The Uganda national parks offer an opportunity for one to do game drives in search of the resident wildlife. Members of the African big five can be spotted in most of the national parks in Uganda and therefore a game drive in parks such as Murchison falls, lake mburo, Kidepo, Queen Elizabeth is very rewarding.

Boat cruises / Launch cruises

Uganda has several water bodies, where you can enjoy a launch cruise. Some of the national parks offer unique boat rides where you can see lots of wildlife along the shores. For example a boat cruise on the Kazinga channel of queen Elizabeth national park is very rewarding as you will see several birds and animals along the shores. In Murchison falls national park you can do either Nile boat cruise to the bottom of the victoria nile and see the Murchison falls, or do a boat ride to the delta area popular for birders and spotting of the shoe bill. Other parks where you can enjoy a boat ride are the Lake Mburo national park, and at the Lake bunyonyi after or before visiting the Bwindi impenetrable National Park.

Adventure Sports in Uganda

You can visit Jinja, Uganda’s Adventure capital where you will be able to do adventure sports such as bungee jumping, horseback riding, quad biking, white water rafting, cylcling and several others

Cultural encounters / Social visits

Uganda has several cultures and communities, while on your Uganda safari tours, you can  visit come of the communities near the parks and attractions you are visiting. For example you can visit the Batwa community near the Bwindi, Mgahinga and Bunyonyi, While in Kidepo you can visit the Karamojong, while in Mbale you can visit the Bagisu. All these and several other cultures are unique and will make you appreciate your Safari in Uganda.

Best Uganda Safari destinations and Activities 2020

UGANDA is a land locked country in east Africa bordered by South Sudan to the north, Kenya to the east, Tanzanian and Rwanda to the south and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west. It is a smaller country compared to most of the surrounding countries but greatly competes with all of them in provision of awesome experiences of safari tours. Uganda has 10 national parks with various wildlife, fresh water lakes, volcanoes and Block Mountains, rivers and channels, diverse colures’, and friendly weather conditions. These and more are great attractions for safari tours.

Are you in need of the best Uganda safaris? Here is a list of the best destinations to visit in Uganda, the activities to do there and the prices of the activities which will help you know and make choices of places to go to.

Top safari activities to do on a safari to Uganda

Mountain Gorilla trekking

The endangered mountain gorillas are found nowhere else except the three destinations, that is Uganda, Rwanda and the DRCongo. Of all these, Uganda has almost a half of their entire population and the famous destination for gorilla trekking in the country is Bwindi impenetrable Forest national park. The forest is located in the southwestern part of Uganda, covering an area of 331 sq km from a height of 1100m up to 2400m. This forest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also a home to lots of birds, a few mammals, butterflies and more other primates.

You could do a tour for three days excluding other activities or have one longer than that including other activities to the nearby destinations. A gorilla permit in Uganda costs US$700 for each person and it is very important to always book for your gorilla safari early enough.

Visiting Bwindi national park for Gorilla trekking gives chances of up to 99% of seeing the giant primates. Since mountain gorillas live of relatively higher slopes of mountains, trekking involves much of hiking and sloping as you search for the primates. Once you come across the gorillas, you are given a maximum of an hour to interact with them. An hour of interaction, taking photos and observing the behaviors of the gorillas is the most amazing part of the tour.

Bwindi forest national; [park has much more wild animals including chimps, L’hoest monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, a few elephants and over 300 bird species which you may spot as you trek through the forest.

  • Is Uganda a safe country to visit for Gorilla trekking?

Generally, Uganda is a safe destination for tourists. Right from the airport, when at the lodge or hotel, throughout the journey and at all national parks, security is an assurance especially if you travel with Adventure in the wild safaris because we use lodges and hotels that have a reputable image concerning security and safety alongside the services.

Tourists who go to Bwindi for trekking must be led by an armed tour guide for security and safety of the trekkers.

Read More: Is Gorilla Trekking Safe

  • Why the Gorilla permit is Expensive

Gorilla permits in Uganda cost US$700, US$1,500 in Rwanda and US$400 in DRCongo. Activities concerning gorillas are one of the most expensive tourist activities because the money is needed for conservation of these endangered mountain gorillas.

Touring around Murchison Falls national park

Murchison falls National Park is one of the top destinations in Uganda that one need not to miss out on their safari. It was named after the mighty Murchison Falls which are formed along the R.Nile as water forces itself to go through the 7m wide gorge. The mighty falls can be viewed from the top by climbing to the upper site at fee of US$15, cruising to the bottom of the falls at a fee of US$40.

Murchison falls national park is a home to a variety of animals including lions, hyenas, leopards, elephants, giraffes, cape buffaloes, waterbucks and many more. These animals can be viewed on game drives. Crocodiles, hippos, lots of birds and other animals searching for drinking water will be spotted along the shores of R.Nile on a boat cruise.

Murchison falls national park is the biggest national park in Uganda covering an area of about 3,840 sq km. It has a number of lodges of all categories that is luxury, midrange and budget in all places where tourist activities take place.  Safaris to Murchison falls national park are not expensive. With all the main activities mentioned above- (hiking to the top of the falls, game drive and boat cruise), each person travelling on a private tour pays roughly US$500 and if you are travelling on a group tour, you’ll pay roughly US$400.

Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale national park

Kibale national park is also known as “The World’s Primate Capital” because of the variety of primates species in large numbers including chimpanzees, black and white colobus monkey, blue monkey, red-tailed monkey and the Uganda mangabey. The park also has mammals like elephants, buffaloes, warthogs, bush pig and more thought they are rarely spotted. Kibale national park is also one of the best places for birding around the forest.

When tracking for Chimps in Kibale forest, you are led by an armed ranger through the forest to search for the primates. When you spot them, you’ll have an hour of interacting with them, observing their behavior and talking photos and then get back out of the forest.

Chimpanzee habituation in Kibale national park lasts for more hours than chimp tracking. You’ll go with the researchers to watch how they carry on their daily activities of habituation. This tour is however more expensive than chimp tracking.

  • Price of chimpanzee permits in Uganda

Chimpanzee tracking permit: US$200

Chimpanzee habituation: US$250

Tree climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth national park

In Uganda, lions that climb trees are found in the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth national park. This is a rare behavior of lions but this is often seen in Queen Elizabeth in Uganda and Lake Manyara national park in Tanzania. Lions climb trees when the sun starts to get hotter and they rest on the braches as they enjoy the fresh air under the fig trees.

Queen Elizabeth national park is the second largest nation al park in Uganda and has different areas where to drive to for game viewing. The Ishasha sector in the southern part of the park has made the park one of the top destinations of Uganda because most people will be lucky finding a number a big group of lions resting in the same tree. It is so exciting sighting these predators taking naps on the tree branches. Other animals in Ishasha are elephants, cape buffaloes to mention but a few. Lions can also be seen in Kasenyi plains though these will be spotted on the ground. The area also has leopards, Uganda kobs, warthogs, waterbucks among others.

The park is also popular for the vast array of wildlife that is spotted on a launch cruise along Kazinga channel; in Mweya. Mweya is a Peninsular well situated in the park where you can view the surrounding landscape clearly, the beautiful sun rise and sunset and relax at the restaurants and lodges as you watch the animals at the channel.

Queen Elizabeth national park is situated in western Uganda and can be accessed by road either via the road to Lake Mburo national p ark or via the road to Kibale national park. it can also be accessed by air from Entebbe or Kajjansi to Kasese airstrip and then connect to the park or fly direct to Kihihi and then connect to Ishasha sector. Queen Elizabeth is located at a center to most national parks in the western region; Kibale national park, Bwindi national park, Mt. Rwenzori national park and other destinations like Fort Portal town. It is therefore easy to also visit Queen Elizabeth national park when travelling to these surrounding parks.

Bird watching at Bigodi, Bwindi and Lake Mburo

Uganda is one of the best birding destinations in Africa with over 1,000 bird species in different localities. Within Uganda, there are several areas that offer thrilling experiences of bird watching. Some of these are Bigodi wespecially around the swamp, in Bwindi, at Mabamba Bay wetland which is famous for the shoebill and Lake Mburo national park. Uganda has very well experienced birders who will describe for you each bird that you’ll spot. Other destinations where you will have great rewards when you go out for birding are Mabira forest, Queen Elizabeth national park and Semuliki national park.

Hiking on Mount Rwenzori

Mt. Rwenzori is protected by Rwenzori Mountains national park and was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994 because of its wondrous beauty. It is the highest mountain in Uganda and the third in Africa. The highest peak known as Margherita on Mount Stanley stands at a height of 5109m above the seas level. The top of the mountain is normally covered by snow throughout the year and the snow is also the source of a number of rivers flowing through the areas that share the mountain that is Kasese, Kabarole and Bundibugyo in Uganda. A portion of the Mountain lies in the DRC where also mountain climbing takes place. As you hike through the trails on Mt. Rwenzori with a guide, you’ll have great views of the lower surroundings of towns, lakes and other areas and you’ll sight numerous residents of the forests on the mountain including monkeys, lots of birds and the rare species of vegetation at different heights of the mountain. The mountain also has a number of waterfalls as a result of water that flows from the glaciers. Arriving at the top that is covered by snow is a great moment of watching the incredible snow. You are advised to carry thick and heavy sweaters and jackets that can warm you since the higher slopes and the top are very cold.

A permit for entering Rwenzori mountains national park costs US$35 and a hiking permit costs US$50. Your travel partner “Adventure in the wild safaris” books for your hiking day, the best accommodation around Kasese and you can hire a porter if you have heavy luggage on the day of hiking.

Visiting Sipi Falls

The Sipi falls in the east of Uganda are a spectacular set of three waterfalls of different heights. The highest fall is 328m, another at 278m and the shortest at 246m. it is very possible to visit all the three falls on the same day.

You are led to the falls by a well experienced guide who will also take you through the surrounding communiities, to the steep hills that lead to the falls. The experience of watching the falls, getting tempted to touch the waters and finally having splashes of the water on you is breathtaking.

White water rafting on river Nile

This is the most adventurous activity you’ll ever go for. In Uganda, white water rafting takes place in Jinja along River Nile. Jinja town is the second busiest town in Uganda after Kampala city and has become a popular city because it is in Jinja that River nile starts its way out of lake Victoria. Jinja has good lodges and hotels and there are nore activities that can be done at Jinja including boat cruise, birding and relaxing overlooking the water bodies.

The best time for white water rafting on River nilie is ffrom January to February and from June to September during the hottest dry season.

Canoeing on Lake Bunyonyi

Lkae Bunyonyi is the deepest lake in Uganda and the second deepest in Africa. It is a volcanic lake that is famous for its numerous islands that give it unique natural beauty. Lake Bunyonyi was named so because the area and the islands have a lot of small-size birds. The islands on this lake have names that were given by the indigenous people of the area according to what they used the islands for. Some of these islands have historical sites and others have stories attached by the locals.

Lake Bunyonyi is situated in the south western part of Uganda and is accessed by road. It can be entailed on safari tours to Bwindi national park since it is on the road from the park. Canoeing on the lake takes you to a point where you’ll watch the Virunga volcanoes and many birds at the islands. There are very lovely sites at the lodges near the lake where you can relax and view the water body and the surrounding landscaped.

Ziwa Rhino sanctuary

In Uganda, there are only two places where rhinos are watched; Ziwa rhino sanctuary and UWEC in Entebbe. Of the two places, it is only at Ziwa sanctuary where the rhinos are tracked on foot. Both black and white rhinos used to live in some national parks in Uganda some many years ago but were poached and they got extinct. The existing rhinos were got from other countries. The first rhinos to be reintroduced were bought from Kenya. There is a breeding program undertaken by Uganda Wildlife Authority to ensure that the number of the rhinos increase and be reintroduced in the parks.

Tracking the rhinos at the sanctuary takes two hours. You move with an armed ranger on foot to areas where you hope to spot them. Ziwa rhino sanctuary can be visited any time of the years. It is located in Nakasongola off the highway to Murchison falls national park and it is often combined with the safari to the park.

Touring around Kampala city

Located in the central region of the country, Kampala is the capital city of Uganda and is the busiest town. It is about 36km from Entebbe international airport. Kampala has a very big population of about 1.2 million people who come from diiferet regions of the country more especially for reasons of work.

Kampala has a lot of interesting areas to visit including religious areas like Namugongo which is well known for the Uganda Martyrs, Kibuli mosque, cultural sites like Kasubi tombs, Museums like the Uganda Museum, beaches in Entebbe, and many other areas for games like Kololo for golf. There are a number of hotels in Kampala that provide all categories of facilities, luxury, midrange and budget.

At night, there are many night clubs that are open where great excitement and relaxation is got. You can also choose to visit some of the markets of kampala which sell fresh foots most of them being locally grown items, for example fruits like banana, watermelon, oranges, passion fruits and lots of vegetables and all other foods. One of the popular markets to find most fresh foods is Nakasero market. There are also countless shopping malls and stores along the streets where you can purchase most of the necessities.

Ssese island beach holidays and Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is a fresh water body shared by Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda which shares the biggest portion. The lake is one of the main beautiful natural features that Uganda prides in. Lake Victoria has numerous islands where some of them are great destinations of tourism.

Lake Victoria has a lot for fish and most of the fish consumed in the central and even other parts of Uganda are caught from this lake. When you visit one of the landing sites, you’ll see fishermen preparing their items for another fishing activity. Due to the size of the lake, there are a number of beaches where to go for relaxation, sun bathing and other events. The ssese islands on Lake victoria are a popular tourist attraction.

Farm trips- Agro tourism

The best areas for Agro tourism are those with large scale plantations of commercial farming such as tea plantations, coffee plantations. Some of the areas to visit to watch plantations get involved or watch the activities at the plantations are the tea plantations of Fort Portal which are located along the highway. The plantations are found on the rolling gentle slopes on the hills of Kabarole.

Visit the caves of Amabeere Ga Nyina Mwiru

The caves of Amabeere Ga Nyina Mwiru meaning “Breasts of Nyina Mwiru” are located in Fort Portal in the western part of Uganda. They are cultural sites which have local stories attached to them to locally explain the reasons for the formation of the stalagmites and stalactites there. There is a waterfall where you’ll carefully move and stand at a site to enjoy the cool breeze. The local guide will narrate the stories of their ancestors and how they lived around that area.

From the caves, you’ll head to the hills where you’ll watch beautiful lakes which also have stories attached to them because of their shapes and the vast attractive green land in view.

Visiting cultural villages in Uganda

In Uganda, there are few cultural villages that still present the African local way of living. Just like the Maasai in Kenya and Tanzania, Uganda has the Karimojongs who have a lifestyle which is related to the Masai. They also live in homesteads known as Manyatas. The Karimojongs are originally nomads and are well known for living with their cattle close to their homesteads. They werew feared by the rest of Africans because of the misconception that they were hostile but they are actually hospitable and welcoming when you visit their communities. Visiting their communities exposes you to their lifestyles, culture and their dances.

Facts about Uganda safaris

Uganda is a country that was created with lots of beauty in all kinds ranging for the hospitable people, water bodies, wildlife, landscapes and weather. Understanding all this beauty requires a visit to most of its parts and this needs to be planned for. The information below will help you know much more about how you can visit Uganda.

How to book a safari to Uganda

Book for your safari with “Adventure in the wild safaris”, a member of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators to help you have the best on a Uganda safari. We book for all the activities to be done at the parks and any other destinations, book for your room at the lodges at the destinations since they are scarce during the peak season. We have very well experienced driver guides to take you around the parks, towns and any others areas.

The cost of a safari tour in Uganda

Since the prices of entrance and activities to the main destinations such as national parks and other areas like zoos are fixed, the costs of safaris are relatively the same. The costs to the same destinations vary due to difference in the categories of accommodation. Some people prefer to stay in luxury lodges, others in mid range lodges and others in budget lodges. This is the man factor that will make your tour come with a different cost. It is important to use luxury and midrange lodges because they give the best and additional facilities.

What makes the best safari package?

What makes the best safari package depends on the preferences of the tourist. We have packages with different destinations and activities which tourists choose from. It is important to have enough time for your safari and cover most of the interesting tourism area such as national parks, sites for water rafting, forests and more. Some of the best packages will include the main tourism destinations; Bwindi national park for gorilla trekking, Murchison falls national park for game viewing and watching the mighty water falls, Queen Elizabeth national park to view the tree climbing lions, Kazinga channel and birds, Kibale national park for primates especially chimpaznees, jinja to see the source of River Nile and go for white water rafting, lake Bunyonyi for Canoeing, Mt. Rwenzori for Mountain climbing and much more areas. It is important to go for more days that will expose you to much more that Uganda offers.

Is it safe to visit Uganda?

Uganda is a safari destination in east Africa whose government has done all it can to ensure that the local paeole and all forengers are safe and secure. There are no reports of insecurity by attacks from rebels or terrorists. All areas from the airport, to towns and to different destinations are safe for stay. As a responsible company, we have better logdes we recommend for a more comfortable stay. Always avoid crowded areas and take care of your property to prevent theft issues.

Hiring a Car for a safari

Adventure in the wild safaris has 4WD safari vehicles which can access all areas including remote areas of Uganda and areas of the parks that have no tarmac. They are driven by well experienced driver guides who know all the routes to the destinations and are updated about anything on the road. Read More about : Car Rental Uganda

Best time to travel to Uganda for a safari

The best time for most activities to engage in as tourists such as game viewing, trekking, hiking and rafting is during the dry season during the months of June, July, August and September. The wet season starts from March to May when there are high rainfall amounts. Budget travelers can still travel during the wet season to enjoy the discounted facilities of some lodges. On good days in the wet season, they can still proceed for their activities in the park. Most of the activities in Uganda are not affected by the rain.  Read More about : Best time to Visit Uganda

Where to go for the best safari in Africa

Africa has a number of safari destinations which each gives a totally different experience of an African safari. Depending g on the interests of different tourists, they will tell you different destinations as the best. Tourists with much love for primates visit Rwanda and Uganda for gorillas and Uganda for chimps and monkeys. Of all the safari destinations, the best combination of places to visit is the one of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Other African safari destinations to visit are South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Namibia and Botswana.

What more apart from Uganda?

There are much more things to do in other countries after your Uganda safari. We organize for Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Tours, Kenya and Tanzania for viewing the wildebeest migration and other animals and activities, Zimbabwe and other African safari countries for more safari activities.

What to carry for your Uganda safari

Depending on the activities you are going to do on the safari, you may be required to carry quite a long list of items. What not to miss on the list however is a camera, insect repellants and binoculars among others. Others include light clothes of colors that do not shout, sun glasses, hats, some pain killers and any other medicine and items for fist aid, sun cream, and anti bacteria gel. Those that are going to hike should carry strong hiking boots, long sleeved t-shirts and shirts, long trousers, rain jackets, hoods, heavy and thick clothes and water bottles. In case you forget to carry any items that you’ll need on your safari, there are plenty of travel; shops and stores where your driver guide can direct you to and purchase them.

How to get to Uganda

One of the ways to get to Uganda is by air and the main entry destination is Entebbe international airport. There are a lot of airline companies that fly to Entebbe international airport. Among those that make direct flights to the airport is British airways. Other airline companies that fly to Entebbe in Uganda are Qatar Airways, Ethiopian airlines, Brussels airlines, KLM and many more. To travel around Uganda, road transport is the most used means but charter flights are organized to distant national parks like Kidepo, Queen Elizabeth national park and Bwindi national park.

The type of food that you’ll find in Uganda

Uganda is one of the countries in Africa with a lot of different local fresh foods. Varieties of food come from different regions of the country. Fruits, vegetables are the most delicious you’ll taste on your safari. Fruits include pineapples, watermelons, oranges, avocado, bananas and more and foods are matooke, Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes and many others. Meat, fish and other local sauce are always available. Read More about: Uganda Food

Selecting the best safari company for your safari to Uganda

Adventure in the wild safaris is a member of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators, known for its best safari services around and outside Uganda. We conduct safaris throughout the year and reviews from our previous trips can be checked on trip advisor.

We have different itineraries on our website from which you can select your best that you wish us to conduct for you. They can always be adjusted to your preferences if possible. The itineraries show all the items whose costs are covered. We book for gorilla trekking, accommodation, boat cruise, water rafting and many more facilities at the destinations.

Is it okay to tip in Uganda?

When you travel to Uganda, remember that tipping is not a must but depending on your wish to appreciate the services rendered to you, it is very okay and motivate to tip your attendants and service providers. Some operators have designated areas where to put tips so that they will be shared among all the people involved in provision of the service rendered. Uganda is one of the countries with the most hospitable people. Read more about: Tipping in Uganda

Uganda Safari Tours

Being referred to as the Pearl of Africa is not just a term but an appropriate name because of the beauty of the country which is the reason for interesting Uganda safaris. Uganda’s beauty is reflected in various things including wildlife, lakes and rivers, people and culture, historical, archeological and religious sites and its beautiful weather. Uganda is located in the East Africa and is a landlocked country bordered by South Sudan to the north, Kenya to the east, Tanzania to the south, Rwanda to the southwest and the DRC to the west.

Uganda is one of the top safari destinations in Africa with numerous fascinating attractions such as the endangered mountain gorillas, tree climbing lions, the snow caped Rwenzori mountains, the mighty Murchison falls, the biggest fresh water lake, Lake Victoria and its source of the Nile, unique people and their cultures like the Batwa and Karamajong, a variety of features such as waterfalls and a lot of birds. With all these attractions, Uganda tours and safaris are adventurous.

The highlight for safari tours in Uganda is wildlife viewing and this takes place in the protected wildlife game parks of Uganda. There are 10 national parks in Uganda, each offering tourists with a unique kind of thrilling experience. Our company has experienced guides who have extreme knowledge about these national parks. Our gorilla trekking tours to Bwindi impenetrable national park are aimed at offering the best experience in Uganda. Bwindi impenetrable forest national park has more mountain gorillas than the rest of the homes of the mountain gorillas. We conduct tours that suite your budget to all the rest of the parks; Queen Elizabeth national park, Murchison falls national park, Kidepo Valley national park, Lake Mburo national park, Semuliki national park, Mt. Elgon national park and Rwenzori Mountain national park. Tourists enjoy their Uganda tours to Kibale national park for chimpanzee trekking. Mgahinga national park in the southwestern part of Uganda has been for a long time been with only one gorilla family for trekking but currently received one that migrated from Rwanda. This is one of the most lively gorilla groups in the Virunga Massif and you can consider trekking it at $700.

Uganda tours are diversified by religious sites such as Namugongo Martyrs Shrine, Namirembe Cathedral, Rubaga Cathedral and Kibuli mosque which can be reached on your Kampala tour. There are interesting cultural sites such as Kasubi tombs where tourists learn about the culture of the Baganda and get an opportunity to see where the fallen kings of Buganda kingdom are buried. A visit to the Uganda museum is the best way to utilize your Uganda tour to learn about the tribes in Uganda and the traditional instruments they used in the past and today and the equipments that were used by the early inhabitants of the Pearl of Africa, Uganda among others.

Other fascinating areas that ought not miss on your bucket list of your safari in Uganda are the source of the Nile in Jinja, Mabira forest, Sipi waterfalls, Ngamba island and Mabamba wetland where the shoebill are commonly spotted.

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