Uganda weather by Month

Uganda’s year around Holiday Weather -Is just another Plus for visiting Uganda . The Weather and the Climate of Uganda is conducive and offers the best and pleasant Temperatures

The Uganda Climate and Weather is very conducive making it the best safari destination all year round, because even during the Rainy season, you can still have an opportunity to carry out some other activities in different national parks in Uganda. Uganda climate is characterized as being cold and warm throughout the year, although warm but the temperatures rarely become hot, which as boosted the tourism industry in Uganda ranging from the mountain Gorilla trekking, Hiking like mount Rwenzori hiking, the sandy beaches of the Ssese Islands primate safaris, Uganda offers a lot more to do and see when you visit the country.

Although many of these activities can be done all year round, the best time of the year to do gorilla trekking would be the dry season reason being that these great Apes live in forested high mountains with an elevation of 8,000 to 13,000 feet, there is skin is covered by thick fur which helps them to survive in these areas since the temperatures sometimes drop to below the freezing point. There also several lodges situated in these areas which has facilitated these activities ranging from up-market lodges to budget but for the budget travellers, the low season would be the best time when the upmarket lodges have offered discount on the lodges.

Uganda’s Weather and Climate- Best time of the year to visit Uganda

The Weather and the climate of Uganda is conducive and perfect offering the best times to take park in various activities offered in different national parks and the daily normal life of the local people in the country who take part in various activities. The line of Equator crosses Uganda with many other sceneries such as the lakes and rivers, the abundant forests have helped in regulating the daily temperatures received in the country.

Uganda receives two rainy seasons the short rainy season from November to December and the longer rains are received from March to May and October all through November. During the dry seasons, the temperatures normally drop down and rainfall is received in the wee hours of the morning and during the Night. Later in the day, the sun is still received.

See an incredible Sunrise and Sunset on Safari in Uganda

 Sunrise and Sunset in Uganda offers one of the time to take part in various activities, during your Uganda safari, you can take time and enjoy sunrise with wonderful cup of coffee, there a lot more other activities you can do as you watch the sunrise or the sunset such as the Hot Air Balloon safaris offered in Murchison falls where you will have an opportunity to watch the animals around the park seen below you. The boat safaris, enjoy a sunrise Bush Breakfast as you prepare to take on your safari activity at the park, these activities can be arranged with several lodges during your safari.

The Rainy Season of the Year in Uganda

There two rainy seasons received in Uganda, the short rains and the longer rains. The shorter rains are from April to May accompanied by the thunderstorms, during this month, heavy rainfall is received and after the rain, the longer dry season starts up to September when there is too much rainfall received and this is the longer rain season of the year up to November but when you visit Bwindi impenetrable forest, or Kibale forest, depending on the season of the year , there is no guarantee that their will be no Rainfall received but still rain can be received at any time of the day reason being that Bwindi is tropical dense forests which facilitates rainfall forming, during the dry seasons, you may expect rain during the morning hours and the late evening when the temperatures slightly drop down.

Best Time of the Year to Visit Uganda

The weather and the climate in Uganda, have made it the safaris in different regions of the year an all year-round experience despite the rains, there is sun shine after the rain and still you can take part in various activities. But the best time of the year to visit Uganda, is from December to February, and from June to September although early October when there is little or no rain fall received this is the best time for animal viewing and the best time for gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable forest.

Uganda weather by Month find out about the Uganda Weather and Climate, best time to visit Uganda for an adventure safari.