Uganda Wildlife Education Centre in Entebbe

Uganda Zoo – Uganda wildlife Education Centre is popularly known as Entebbe Zoo, it was established in the 1952 by the britsh colonial government of Uganda and it was intended to act as a reception Refugee Centre for the wildlife animals that were found injured and recovered from Poachers.

In 1994 the Entebbe Uganda wildlife education Centre full was formed to take care of the zoo purposely for the Education goals. Apparently it is one of the most respected and recognized conservation education institutions in the world. The Uganda Wildlife Centre holds the responsibility of educating the local people of Uganda about the significance of the biodiversity conservation. UWEC holds a responsibility of rescuing and rehabilitating the injured, confiscated and orphanage wildlife.

The Uganda wildlife Education Centre has played a big role in successful breeding endangered wildlife species which are hand raised in captivity and later reintroduced back into their natural environment in the wild.

The Entebbe Uganda Wildlife education Centre is close to Entebbe international Airport and it is a 10 minutes’ drive on road. It is dominated by impressive ecosystems such as the savannah, wetland and Forest. UWEC is situated on 70 acres of land in Entebbe. It acts as the coordinating wildlife zoo for all the zoos found in East Africa, West Africa and central Africa as it was initiated by the Pan African Associations of zoos and Aquaria (PAAZA).

The Entebbe Uganda Wildlife Education Centre is one of the great tourism site situated in Entebbe Uganda. A tour to the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre will offer you a chance to feel and taste the East African wildlife that is found in the various national parks and reserves. Visitors will get an insight to get a close sight at the wildlife animals, and participate in the feeding of the animals together with the animal keepers, engage in food preparation and explore the animal pharmacy. Entebbe Uganda wildlife Education Centre is home to a diversity of impressive animals which are always on the tourist list when they visit various national parks in Africa such as the lions, elephants, the endangered rhinos, leopards, giraffes, chimpanzees  among others.

The best experience at UWEC is when visit opt be care takers of the animals, here you will have a chance to get close to animals like the lion, southern white Rhinos, baby elephants, shoebill stork and give them breakfast. This will require you to wake up from your Bandas and move to the kitchen to prepare food for the animal, then jump on the tractor and keep moving from one animal section to another. You will feed both animals and birds. However for anyone to qualify feeding the animals in UWEC, you be required to get a vaccination from the health doctor found at UWEC.

The Entebbe wildlife Education Centre features a number of education programs, offers opportunity to internship as well as volunteers programs which is found on the site or off site and these favor both Ugandans and foreigners.

The Entebbe Uganda Wildlife education Centre is open throughout the year to all travelers who would like to explore this amazing Uganda zoo.

How to get to the Uganda Zoo

The Entebbe wildlife Education Centre can be accessed from both Kampala capital city and from Entebbe international airport on road using 4×4 wheel safari vehicles. From Kampala to Entebbe wildlife Education Centre, it is about 45.5 kilometers and it will take you a 55 minutes’ drive via Kampala – Entebbe Express highway. Whilst from Entebbe international airport, it will take you about 7 kilometers and it’s a 20minutes drive.

A tour to the Entebbe Uganda Wildlife Education Centre offers you an insight to explore other tourist attractions that are close to the Zoo such as Ngamba Island, Lake Victoria scenic beaches, and Entebbe international Airport and Entebbe botanical Gardens.