Virunga Volcano Hike – Hiking the Virunga Mountains is one of the most exciting activity that is enjoyed by a number of travelers after the extremely fascinating and exception lifetime gorilla trekking experience in the respective national park where they are situated. The Virunga Volcano Mountains are situated in three African countries that share a portion of the Virunga volcano conservation massif such as in Mgahinga national park found in the south western region of Uganda, Virunga national park in the southern democratic republic of Congo plus volcanoes national park that is situated Rwanda. These mountains are famous and popular homes to the critically endangered mountain gorilla species in Africa.

Hiking Mount Nyiragongo, this is one of the most visited volcanic mountains that is situated in Virunga national park in the democratic republic of Congo. The mountain last erupted in 2002 but it still hosts a lot to travelers interested in hiking. A hike to mount Nyiragongo offers travelers insight to enjoy the scenic beauty of the boiling lava lake, scenic views of Virunga national park from above.

Hiking mount Mikeno, the mountain is situated in the Democratic Republic Congo in Virunga national and it is a dormant volcano mountain that stands on 4437 meters above sea level. Hiking mount Mikeno offers travelers an opportunity to enjoy viewing Virunga national park and its wildlife such as mountain gorilla that travelers will encounter while hiking as well as other wildlife animals.

Mount Sabinyo, this is shared by three country by Rwanda, Uganda, democratic republic of Congo although the mountain can be hiked from Uganda in Mgahinga national park. The hiking Sabinyo will you have an insight to encounter with the golden monkeys at slopes of the mountain as you go through the tropical rainforests.

Mount Gahinga, it is the smallest mountain found in Mgahinga national park in Uganda and it is 3474 meters with dominated by the bamboo and an afro montane forests. Hiking mountain Gahinga offers travelers an opportunity to enjoy encountering with mountain gorillas as well the golden monkeys.

Hiking mount Mahabura, this is hiked from Uganda in Mgahinga gorilla national park although the mountain borders Rwanda. Mount Mahabura offers exciting scenic beauty to surround lakes of Ruhondo plus Burera. When travelers reach at summit of the mount they will enjoy beauty of the wonderful Crater Lake as well as the incredible unique vegetation cover.