Virunga National Park, Congo
Virunga National Park, Congo

Best time to visit Virunga – Virunga national park can be visited anytime of the year depending on the convenience of the tourist.

The dry season is perfect for those who mostly consider the convenience that comes with the ease of doing the activities planned to be done for example, getting through the forest during trekking and along the trails of the Nyiragongo volcano.

However, for budget travelers, the wet season is the best time for them to visit because this is when the gorilla permits have been discounted from US$400 to about US$200. This discount normally runs from 15th October to 15th December. In addition, this is the period when hotels subsidize their rates. Since the Virunga package is sold as a fully inclusive tour comprising of permits, accommodation, visas and transportation, one can easily attain it at a lower rate during the wet season.

The dry season in DRC starts towards the end of December to February and from June to September and the wet season in the months March, April, May then from October to early December.

Therefore, depending on your budget and convince, you can visit Democratic republic of Congo at any time of the year through Adventure in the wild safaris after inquiries on what favors you