Virunga National Park, Congo
Virunga National Park, Congo

Is Virunga Safe?

Is Virunga Safe for Tourists / Is Virunga National Park Safe

Is Virunga safe? –DRC is one of the countries that have suffered civil unrest for a long time. Most countries will also discourage their citizen from travelling to the destination because of the unrest and instabilities the country faces. It is also known for experiencing kidnaps for example when British tourists were kidnapped in Feb. 2018. However, today the country is a safe place to travel to since the park authorities have employed more than 600 park rangers around Virunga national park for purposes of security provision as well as to protect animals.

It is much safer to organize your travel to the park through a tour and travel company which will take all responsibility of your safety. Always follow guidelines from your guide and remember to use hotels with a reputable image and history in terms of safety.

You are also required to be vigilant and take responsibility to protect your property while in the DRC to avoid being a victim of robbery, theft and banditry which are common around towns like Goma. Cases of robbery are increasing around town both day and night around the streets of towns. You are advised not to walk on streets alone, not to walk and drive at night.

Beware of gangs who use girls to entice and trap people and those who fake around and act as security officers, arrest you and ask for money in order to release you. Always report any case to the security personnel at designated areas.

When you come across security personnel at roadblocks and they need to look at your documents for inspection, display then and remain in the car.