Visit the Abayudaya : the Jews of Uganda 

The Abayudaya are Ugandans who practice Judaism. The Abayudaya are mainly found in Eastern Uganda, in Mbale district.

The Abayudaya, crated a lot of change and development around their communities and also far beyond to the neighbouring regions. Promoted health centres and the Economic development, has brought in development and improvement on people’s standards of living.

Judaism is practiced by the abayudayas and people of Judah known as the Putti villages in Mbale district, in Uganda.

It owes its origins to Semei Kakungulu, the Muganda military leader. Initially, British missionaries converted Kakungulu around 1880 and he embraced Christianity as his new religion, he did this because hParfums Femme the home deco factor scarpe guardiani uomo la milanesa borse nuova collezione 2023 combinaison fee maraboutee scarpe guardiani uomo site vente en ligne vtt amazon vaude bagage равни ботуши лак и кожа birkenstock linz sl footshopping scooter hut melbourne nike branco feminino air max amazon ceinture pour le dos yeezy boost 350 v2 onyx air jordan 4 military black scooter hut melbourne e claimed that Bukedi and Bugisu, whom he defeated in combat as a result, he could become king of the territories. Yet later, when the British reduced its territories to a significantly smaller scale and refused to acknowledge him as king as tit was agreed, Kakungulu started to separate himself from them and then he went ahead to join the Bamalaki in 1913. A section that followed the combined elements of Christianity, Judaism and Christian science.

During the regime of Idi Amin, he declared that Judaism was illegal in Uganda and went ahead to pit prohibition on the Jews that practised this religion. As result, many people converted in to Christianity or Islam in order to protect once self and any one who would defy the orders of the president, the punishment, was to be hanged over their heads.

Later when Idi Amin was over thrown from power, and later when Museveni took over the government, freedom of region was declared and people where free to believe and worship in their own religions. The bayudayas, were then freed from their bondage. currently they are free and went back in to their Judaism religion. Today, the present leader of Judaism Rabb Gershom Sizomu of the Jews community was elected in to parliament as the leader representing all the Jews people and the people of his district at large.

Community project initiatives by the Abayudaya

The Jews of Uganda known as the abayudaya, have introduced the long term project to support not only the Jews community, but to all people regardless of their tradition, region and culture in different regions, this projects have brought in change and economic development to the communities and also the improvement of people standards of living. They introduced projects such as the Delicious Peace (Mirembe Kawomera) coffee cooperatives in Uganda.

There is the Tobin Health Centre offering modern services to the communities ranging from the specious lab, and modern machines that came as a donation from North America which has help to improve on the people’s health standards as whole in the community and not only the A Bayudayas communities which as also gone far beyond to other regions in the country.

There is also a coffee initiative with over 1,000 Jews, Christians and the Muslims have come to work together with each other in the production of coffee, this coffee initiative therefore, has created unity and together for people to work together has result, it has brought about development to not only the A bayudayas, but also to the entire communities and far beyond. Which has encouraged team among the different religions without having to create conflict with one another. The processed coffee, can be bought online for any person who would like to taste this coffee, you can purchase it through the California based Thanksgiving Coffee Company.

Visiting the Abayudaya villages and where to stay:

There is accommodation facility for the visitors especially for the people practising Judaism, you can have an opportunity to spend some time with your fellow Jews. during your safari Visit in the a bayudaya community, you can spend two or more days as you interact and spend time with this group of people. The Abayudaya Guest House, is located in the A bayudaya Nabugoye Village offers special and comfortable specious guest house with conducive rooms for the visitors in the Jewish community in Uganda.

You can stay here in the Jewish community as you volunteer in taking part in community activities, as you observe the Jews life and religion in Uganda. you will also have a visit to the surrounding areas that also offer fascinating attractions that may be of interest to you such as the coffee growing plantations, Sipi falls, and the Mount Elgon offers the best attractions at the eastern region of Uganda among others.

Having interest in visiting the A bayudaya community, reach to us and will help plan this safari for you so that you are assured of the best Uganda Safari experience with the Jews in Uganda.