Volcanoes national park Rwanda activities – The park has several attractions ranging from flora and fauna, wildlife, bird species and a lot more and thus have enabled a lot of activities around the volcanoes national park. The park is located in north western part of Rwanda covering an area of 160sqkm covered by the tropical rain forest which is a home to a variety of wild game. The park extends up to the boarders of the Virunga national park in Congo, with in the Virunga, there are over five volcanoes which include Karisimbi, Bisoke, Gahinga, Sabinyo, Muhabura all together forming the Virunga conservation area.

While at volcanoes national park, you are able to do a lot of activities that will give you the best of your safari tour to Rwanda. The activities include;

Gorilla trekking in Vocanoes National Park Rwanda

Volcanoes national park Rwanda is famously known to be harbouring the highest number of the gorillas and this has turned out to be one of the popular activities in the volcanoes national park. Mountain gorilla trekking is the highly recommended adventure activity by many visitors who visit the national parks in Africa.

Gorilla trekking is more exciting, adventurous and comes with a lot of fun has you get to meet and interact with these huge giants in their natural habitat. For any traveler taking part in this activity, is required to have a valid document that allows him/ her to trek the gorilla.

This documents / gorilla permits are issued by Rwanda Development Board a body governing the national parks in Rwanda, the gorilla permit goes $1500 per person to trek gorillas for one hour while in Uganda it’s at a fee of $600 per permit and its per person trekking for one hour with the gorilla in their natural habitant from the time you meet the gorillas and this activity is a legible to persons above the age of 15 year.

On the same spot, you can also go for gorilla habituation experience, this is a lot more exciting as you get to spend a lot more time with the gorilla for a period of four hours from the time you encounter them. The gorilla habituation permit is $1500 per permit including the guides and park entry fees and these requirements are the same as gorilla trekking, only the time spent with the gorillas differs.

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Golden monkey tracking

Volcanoes national park harbors a larger number of primate species where by tourists have an opportunity to study and research much more on golden monkeys but its not much popular than the mountain gorilla trekking. Golden monkey trekking starts early with a short briefing at Kinigi head office about the dos and the don’ts of the primates then you set off in search for the monkeys along the swamps and the forests during the walk in the forest, you may also have an opportunity to sight other  animal species, birds and a lot of butterflies in the forest and along the swamps  since monkey move a lot in search for food. The golden monkey tracking fees goes for $100 per person trekking.

Bird watching activity

Volcanoes national park offers an I deal spot for bird watching activities, the park harbors several bird species some of which are so unique in nature that may not be spotted anywhere. These species are spotted around the rainforest, some hide along the canopy and this is best done during early morning as you may have an opportunity to view the rift valley endemic species of birds. Volcanoes national park in Rwanda is best suitable for birders with a lot of bird species to see there.

Hiking in Volcanoes national park Rwanda

Hiking is much more interesting although mountain gorilla trekking is the most popular activity, but you can also do hiking and volcano climbing in the park. With steep mountain slopes almost reaching the skies with clear views will offer you an opportunity to view the all of volcanoes national park at one angle. You will do a hike on any of the mountains listed below;

Hiking Mount Bisoke

Mt.  Bisoke hike is one of the most exciting activities in volcanoes national park in Rwanda. The hike to the volcano can take roughly 6 hours climbing to the top and 2 hours descending to the bottom of the mountain and it would be much easier for experienced hikers as they get to spend lesser time hiking to the top. With clear views of the crater lake on the top of the mountain.

To hike mt. Bisoke, the permit goes for $75 per permit to hike to the top of the mountains.

Hiking Mount Karisimbi

Mt. karisimbi is one of the highest among all of the 8 Virunga volcanoes and its shared between Rwanda, Uganda and democratic republic of Congo. The mountain is dormant with the height of 4,507 meters making it the 11th highest among the mountains of Africa. The mountain boarders he Albertine rift and east African rift in the west, mikeno to the north, mt. Bisoke to the east and Nyaragongo to the west all together forming the Virunga conservation area. This is one of the highest tourist destinations in Rwanda and mostly taking park in hiking activities around the park.

The mountain top is covered by snow mostly in the dry seasons of June- August thus the name karisimbi from the word ‘amasimbi’ derived from the local language to mean snow. The permit to hike mt. karisimbi goes for $400 per permit.

Gahinga hike

 Mt. Gahinga with the height of 3,474m is one of the most preferred destination for many hikers that engage in hiking activities in volcanoes national park.  To get to the top of the mountain, it takes about six hours to get and to descend to the bottom.as you hike, you will come across the creator lakes, swamps with lobelia and also during the hike, you may have an opportunity to sport some primates like the golden monkeys under the thick bamboo forests and climbing on top of the trees, this is so interesting and much more interesting to look at them.

Nature walks in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

Nature walks in volcanoes national park is mostly done on foot led by arranger guide to different locations during this activity, you will be able to sight and have clear views of different attractions at a close range.

There are several attractions to be explored on foot ranging from the vegetation, the tropical rain forest, with a lot of forest activities like birding, as you will have unforgettable experience of being in the wilderness. Not only that, the park also offers communities through the communities with in the parks boundaries.

Guided walk to Iby’lwacu cultural village

This is a great experience as you get to interact with the locals in the community. You will learn about the Rwandan culture, also see a lot of cultural dances and music, art and craft, cultural ritual ceremonies, homestead structures and many more as you may also wish to join the dance or any other activity. This is whole a lot of experience when you visit Rwanda and have a safari tour to the volcanoes national park.

Note that the fee paid for this activity helps in the development of the communities around in delivery of services which intern improves on people’s standards of living thus bringing about development in African countries.

Visit to the Musanze Cave

Musanze cave is situated in the middle of the volcanoes national park at the north western

Rwanda. Musanze caves has become one of the most tourist destinations. A Rwanda safari without a visit to the Musanze caves, is not a complete safari package so for any gorilla safari to Rwanda, have a visit to the musanze caves to sum up your safari you won’t regret the time spent there it comes with a lot ox exciting and so adventurous and fun. The musanze cave was introduced in to tourism market in 2013 by Rwanda Development Board to diversify tourism products.

Dian Fossey Trail

 While visiting volcanoes national park in Rwanda for the renowned gorilla trekking, you may also opt for the hike to the Dian Fossey Trail one of the most exciting activities to top up your gorilla trekking safari to volcanoes national park. The trek takes a bout 30 min drive from the park head quarters down to the trails where you will find the Karisoke research camp and from the research Centre to the Dian Fosse grave takes about one and half hours walk with much rewarding sceneries to view like the forest hogs, animals like elephants and primate animals with a variety of bird species with all this attractions , you will have the best of your Rwanda safari.

Lakes Burera and Ruhondo

These lakes harbor a lot of water animals like the Buffalos, Crocodile, water bucks and many other animals drinking water along the lake shores. They are mostly viewed during the boat cruise on the lakes down to the island where you will enjoy the cool breath-taking atmosphere around your shoulders as you cruise downstream.  Not only that you will also have an opportunity to view a lot bird species along the lake shores including Baglafecht Weaver, Great White Pelican, Yellow-billed Stork, Yellow-backed (Black-headed) Weavers, Grosbeak Weaver, Common Moorhens, the Red-rumped, Pied Kingfisher, Grey Heron and the African Spoonbill and many more.