what do gorillas do after winning a fight

What do gorillas do after a fight -Fights among gorillas often involve at least a silverback gorilla, in fact most fights are between silverbacks. Silverbacks are adult male gorillas and they are called so because their back hair is silver in color. Their hair color changes to grayish, silver color at the age of around 11 years and this is a sign of maturity. Gorillas live in groups and each group is headed by a dominant male which must be a silverback. It has full authority over all the members in the group including all other males there. Therefore, when male gorillas reach the maturity stage, they are free to leave their families and go start their own which they can lead.

A silverback gorilla has a number of duties which include protecting the family, building nests, searching for food, caring for the young ones and mating with the females among others. Since it is the only one mates with the females and doesn’t allow any other male in the group to do so, attempt to mate with his females is one of the common reasons why silverbacks of the same group fight. The next question after such a fight would be “what do the gorillas do after fighting?” It is common that the male that was attempting to mate without authority from the head silverback will be pushed out of the group and it could snatch some members of this group to go and start his own family.

Gorillas in the same group also fight when a member in the group fails to submit to the orders of the leader. When a younger silverback thinks that he can lead the group, he will attempt to take over from the leader and this will cause a brutal fight and the winner will lead the family.

Other reasons why gorillas fight are to protect their families from enemies or intruders, when two groups meet silverbacks often get into a fight.

What do gorillas do after a fight

Before starting a fight, gorillas charge to show that there is something they did not expect, something wrong or a thing that they are not happy with. They charge and hit their chests, bare their fangs, stamp their feet and make loud sounds to show their strength. In case it was an action of the group members that annoyed the silverback, they gather, get their bellies on the ground, fold their hands and feet to show submission to the silverback gorilla.

When a silverback charges and expresses his energy to another silverback, sometimes they calm down by departing from one another to maintain peace. However, when they get into a serious fight, they use their canine teeth which are very sharp and strong enough to penetrate into the flesh which leads to bleeding and sometimes death due to over bleeding. They also use hands and feet when fighting. Their arms have large and strong muscles and generally, their upper body is very strong and is said to be six times or more strong than that of a strong adult human. So you can imagine a fight between two silverback gorillas.

Regardless, gorillas are gentle and friendly wild animals which always need space when they show any signs of interruption and you will be alerted on what to do by your ranger guide in case of any signs by the gorillas. They live happily with their families, play and help each other where need be, protect each other and this can be seen on your gorilla trek in Bwindi impenetrable national park, Mgahinga national park in Uganda, Volcanoes national park in Rwanda or in Virunga national park in the DRC. Each of these countries has different charges for their gorilla permits; USD 700 in Uganda, USD 1,500 in Rwanda and USD 400 in the DRC. A group of a maximum number of eight is allowed to trek for one group daily and once you spot the group, you are allowed to stay with it for only one hour. It is always a thrilling moment when tourists come across these fascinating forest residents.

What do gorillas do after a fight, what do gorillas do after winning a fight