Mountain gorillas stay in tropical rainforests of Bwindi Impenetrable national park, Mgahinga gorilla national park, Virunga mountains and in Rwandan volcanoes.

Their eating system depends on where they stay and the time of the year. These apes are vegetarians and mostly feed on leaves, shoots and stem (86%), roots (7%), flowers (3%), ants, bugs and snails (2%) and fruits (2%). They consume low quantity of fruits because they are scarce in the higher altitudes.

The adult male gorillas consume 60 pounds of food each day so as to gain enough energy to lead the members. Female adults consume about 18kg per day.

The mountain gorillas use their strength to tear plants especially the adults and they are so selective, a gorilla can tear down a whole banana plant just to eat a pith, leaves or a stalk.

They do not over exploit food in one area but eats and shifts to another place to permit the previous place to grow more vegetation.

The gorillas are designed in such a way that their hair on the back side of their hands is used to store water from where they suck but they do not often take water because the vegetations they consume contain enough water plus the morning dew.