How long is the journey by road from Kampala to Kigali to visit the mountain gorillas?

The main and the most popular means of transport used by many travellers visiting Uganda is road transport, when visiting the national parks in Uganda and Rwanda, travellers normally take their trips by road transport. The road in Uganda and Rwanda leading to the gorilla tracking areas, are generally good but travels are much slower due to the nature of roads most especially the roads approaching to Uganda and Rwanda national parks purposely taking gorilla trekking activity. The roads are often slow and bumpy since many roads on the country side are marram roads and may take most of the to get there. 4×4 vehicle is highly recommended for such roads and most especially during the rainy reasons. Getting to these national parks has several options either by private car, or by any of the tour operators who will arrange the transport to and from during your safari, you can also take a public means you will have an opportunity to view the beautiful scenery along the country side or alternatively fly in to any of the national parks in Uganda and Rwanda.

Ultimate Guide to Mountain Gorilla Trekking?

Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, is Uganda’s famous national park with the highest tourist destination for gorilla trekking. Bwindi is a home to over half of the world’s biggest population of mountain gorillas. Bwindi is also bird paradise, the park harbours over 360 recorded bird species spotted a long the trails, swamps and in the vegetation around Bwindi, for bird lovers, Bwindi is the place to visit you will enjoy the view of the Albertine endemics, water birds and many more. There are also other primates sighted in the forest such as the monkeys, baboons and animals like the forest elephants and others.

Getting to Bwindi is approximately 8-9 hours drive on road from Kampala/ Entebbe airport , if you have visited Bwindi, you have a lot to say, the drive is fantastic you will view some of the attractions along the country side such African life in all the trading centres you get to pass through, enroute stop over at the pear of Africa a long the equator, for photography.

If your having much time to spend on safari, you could opt for a trip to lake Mburo national park or queen Elizabeth National park, here you will enjoy abundant wild game during the game drives. In queen Elizabet, you will be able to see the tree climbing lions, the antelopes, elephants and many other animals. a visit to lake Mburo national park will give an opportunity to sight the Rothschild giraffe that can only be sighted in few national parks in Uganda like in Murchison falls with the biggest number of the giraffes, also at the kidepo valley national park.

If you prefer to fly, Aero link Uganda offers domesticated flights from Entebbe international airport to Kisoro or kihihi airstrip and then you transfer to the park. The flight is about one and half hours to Bwindi depending on your tracking location. The flight is absolutely stanning as you will pass over th islands of Lake Victoria, trading centres, the mist covered valleys and the swamp vegetation and the magnificent view of the peak of the volcanoes approaching from the distance is breath-taking its much more enjoyable to view these attractive features in a distance.

For travellers who have limited time to spend on the trip or do not fancy long road drives, can fly to Kigali airport in Rwanda then you can take a short road drive to the volcanoes national park in Rwanda a home to the mountain gorillas where also take your gorilla trekking experience. The drive is great with all the clear views of 8 volcanoes, you will quickly understand why Rwanda is known to be a land of the thousand hills. Hike to any of these mountains, is absolutely stanning as you will get to view volcanoes national park, the Virunga ranges and the clear view of Mgahinga national park just in one angle.

Travellers can also fly in to Kigali in Rwanda and drive across the border to Uganda and have your gorilla trekking safari in any of the two national parks  in Uganda that is to say; Bwindi national park with over 16 habituated gorilla families open for tracking in all the four sectors of the park including; Rushaga, Ruhija, Nkuringo, and Buhoma where the park headquarters is located and was the first sector for gorilla trekking experience. And Mgahinga with one habituated gorilla family bot situated in the south-western Uganda. And the drive time is approximately 4 hours on road. these take less time than driving from Kampala or Entebbe which is quite long for about 9 hours.