It is very important for our clients to know what is best for the gorilla trek in Uganda.  Bwindi Impenetrable national park and Mgahinga national park weather changes abruptly in both dry and wet seasons so make sure that your rain jacket is well packed for the rainy moments. Luckily many clients love travelling during the drier months of June, July August and September but a rain jacket is still required because these parks are in tropical rainforests.

Long sleeved shirts  and garden cloves are best for trek into  the thick forests that harbor thorns and tree branches that may tear your skin.  Garden gloves are also important especially when the forest is slippery and you need to hold on a tree or any branch while finding a way to catch up during the trek and you accidently hold on a prickly or itchy tree. Without doubt, these gardening gloves will leave you with no regrets. Favorable colored clothes are recommended during the trek for example carry beige and khakis because they are familiar to the wildlife.

Hiking boots should not be left out for the trek in order to overcome the altitude and terrain in the forests. Light weighted hiking boots are most recommended for easy and quick hiking  into the forests.

A pair of binoculars for taking a clear view during the adventure as well as cameras and extra batteries well charged for photography and never to forget the adventure in Uganda in your life time. Cameras with flash are prohibited because they scare away the animals as they  feel uncomfortable and at danger.

Hat and sun glasses should be carried for the hot days as they protect your skin from the direct sun rays. We encourage clients to carry a wide brim hat for better results rather than baseball caps.

In the evenings, it is usually cold so you will need to carry a light sweater and insect repellents especially mosquitoes that tend to be active during the evening.

Lastly do not forget your trekking permit and passport and  you will have to show your identity card at the pre-trekking briefing and all these items should be packed in a good sized bag or backpack.

All visitors will be given walking poles or sticks for the trekking activities by the lodges or the tour guides to aid you in walking through the muddy and thick rainforest.

Visitors who love moving around outside of the park for example market places are argued to carry clothes that Is good according to African beliefs. Women should carry long comfortable skirts or trousers so as to fit in the society

Personal first aid kit is also recommended with items like medications, malaria regiments and mosquito repellents to help you in case of any slight problem about your health. You can consult your personal doctor or travel clinic for more detailed information and advice.