Where do gorillas live

Where Gorillas Live – Gorillas are primates native to Africa and live in forests as their Natural habitat.  The Question “Where do gorillas live?” generally has many answers given that there are four gorilla subspecies and which all have unique habitats in which they live. The gorilla subspecies are the Mountain gorillas, the western lowland gorillas, the eastern lowland gorillas and the cross river gorillas.

Where do gorillas live – Habitat by sub species

Mountain Gorillas – Where Mountain Gorillas live

The mount gorillas live in mountainous areas of the Virunga massif in Uganda, Rwanda and the democratic republic of congo. The mountain gorillas are critically endangered and there are currently 1000 individuals in the whole world. The mountain gorillas are also unable to live in captivity as compared to the other gorilla species. Mountain gorilla trekking is therefore an interesting activity which you can do while you visit Africa. Gorilla trekking helps conserve the mountain gorillas, while allowing you see this endangered primate.

Eastern Lowland Gorilla – Where Eastern Lowland Gorillas Live

The eastern lowland gorillas are by far the largest gorilla species, also critically endangered. The eastern gorillas are native to the congo basin where they live in their forest habitat. You can do lowland gorilla trekking on a visit to the Democratic republic of Congo at Kahuzi Biega national park.

Western lowland gorilla – where do western lowland gorillas live

The western lowland gorilla is the most common of all gorilla subspecies also having a higher population. The western lowland gorillas can be found in several countries along the congo basin including in the republic of congo, the democratic republic of Congo, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and the Central African Republic. They can be distinguished from the eastern lowland gorillas since they are slightly smaller and have a brownish color of hair.

Cross river Gorillas – Where cross river gorillas live

Cross river gorillas live near human settlements in the congo basin. The cross river gorillas are most affected by poaching and there are currently about 300 of them left in the world.