For the love of lions in wild in Africa then you can’t miss out Uganda on your next safari. Uganda is a welcoming and friendly environment has got a number of national parks and wildlife reserves where you expect to see a lot of animals in the wild

Talk about the panthera leo (the African lion) that stays in the savannas and grassland but you can’t find it in thick forests. The lion is the more diurnal compared to other carnivores.

Facts about lions I bet u never knew

  • lions sleep 20hours daily.
  • Lions crib in savannas not in jungles
  • Lions are not the kings of the jungle
  • Lions can run over 60meters in only 6seconds
  • Lions are the biggest carnivores in Africa weighing from 150-250kg

Lions in Uganda

Uganda’s lions can be accessed at 3 main savannah parks and these are; Murchison falls national park , kidepo valley national park and queen Elizabeth national park. In order to see the lions in the wild your tour operator has to include at least one of the above parks on your Uganda safari itinerary. Our local tour guides know where and how you see the lions and they are ready to drive you close to the lions but keeping a safe distance

Kidepo valley national park

The park is a home of about 132 lions throughout the park which covers an area of 1,344 square kilometers. Kidepo valley national park has got the highest concentration of lions plus a steady increase in number of lions compared to other parks thus making it the best destination of lions in Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth national park

Queen Elizabeth national parks offers you the best experience of lions ever. The park is focused on lion conservation with its southern and northern sectors that gives it the pride of the climbing lions. These climbing lions have raised an outstanding reputation to queen Elizabeth national park for having the highest concentration of tree climbing big cats worldwide. These lions can be seen on an evening game drive through the ishasha quadrant found in the southern section of queen Elizabeth national park chilling on the fig trees.

Murchison falls national park

The lions of Murchison falls national park are the real owners of the area as they prey around the weak kobs, antelopes, buffaloes and many more. They can be easily observed in the savannah grasslands plains of Murchison falls national park. Its advisable to go for game drives in the early morning and during the sunrise because the lions at Murchison are diurnals (they are mostly active during the day).

Lion tracking in Uganda

Led by experienced and expert researchers from Uganda carnivore program you safe and ready to go for lion tracking where you stand a chance to get personally closer to the king of all cats. During the tracking process you get to know the real behaviors, natural habitats and the feeding habits of lions after buying your lion tracking permit at only 50 us dollars for foreign travelers and 100,000 Ugandan shilling for east African travelers. The money is used in the support of the conservation of wildlife in Uganda.

Lion tracking in Uganda is more fascinating and active in queen Elizabeth national park compared to the other lion destinations as you have to go to the northern section of the park in the kasenyi plains and here you can observe the kings of cats hunting down their prey.

Queen Elizabeth national park is found in the southwestern part of Uganda near kasese district. The park is just 389 kilometers away from Kampala which the capital of Uganda making it a 5-6 hour drive.

Apart from the irresistible game drives and lion tracking there are further more activities to engage in while at queen Elizabeth national park and these include the boat cruise at the kazinga channel, birdwatching chimpanzee tracking and guided nature walks.