Reasons why you should visit Uganda?

Welcome to Uganda the Pearl of Africa; Uganda is one of the three east African countries blessed with number of tourist attractions that has attracted a number of tourists in the country. Uganda remains one of the few yet undiscovered beautiful country with lot of tour and travel destination in Africa, that everyone must visit. While in Uganda, you have a lot to do and see from various attractions. With over 10 national parks, Uganda is a must visit country. For any traveler looking for any information about Uganda. Tourism activities, and why she/ she should visit Uganda, look no further because we got you covered.  this is only a guideline, but in case of any queries, reach to us at adventure in the wild safaris we will be available to give you all the information you need.

Some of the tourist attractions in Uganda that you ought not to miss at any point of your visit in Uganda.

Beautiful National Parks

Uganda comprises of 10 beautiful national parks is a must visit at any point of your stay in Uganda. All these national parks are unique in there own way with allot of tourist attractions to be viewed .a visit to Murchison falls national park is the most stunning with a lot of activities like game drives, the [ark is a home to four of the big five game (lion, leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and the Rhinos currently at the Ziwa rhino sanctuary enroute to Murchison falls national park), also you can take a boat cruise down to the bottom of falls with stunning views of the water animals like the hippos, buffalo crocodiles and birds along the shores of the lake. Queen Elizabeth national is a must visit destination in Uganda. The park offers lot of activities including; a boat cruise on the Kazinga channel from which the two rift valley lakes, George and Edward connect to each other. A boat cruise on the Kazinga channel exposes you to a lot of attractions, the channel has a highest concentration of water animals like the hippos, buffalos. Crocodiles and many more. game drives on the Ishasha sector is wonderful you will sight the tree climbing lions or drive to the creator lake region. For bird watchers, queen Elizabeth national park is the must place to visit, the park hosts over 600 bird species some of which are migratory birds.

Mountain gorillas

Mountain gorillas is a highlight of all the attractions in Uganda, Uganda boosts of over 1000 tourist visiting the country for mountain gorilla tracking. Gorilla trekking in Uganda is done in two national parks that is Bwindi national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park. Bwindi impenetrable forest boosts of over half of the worlds remaining mountain gorillas. Gorilla trekking is ranked as one of most thought after activity in Africa. You can check some of our tour packages on gorilla trekking i.e. 3-day gorilla trekking, 4-day gorilla trekking and many more you are a sure of the best of your Uganda safari. The gorilla permits in for Uganda costs $600 per person trekking the gorillas for a period of one hour from the time you meet the gorillas.

 Chimpanzee trekking

You can take part in chimpanzee trekking during any of your visits in Uganda. Uganda is among the best countries in East Africa known for primate safaris. In Uganda, you can do chimp trekking in Kibale forest which boosts with the highest concentration of chimpanzee, also you can trek chimps in the Budongo forest, Kaniyo Pabidi forest, Chambura gorge and kalinzu forest in queen Elizabeth national park. all you need is a chimp trekking permit that can be obtain directly from the Uganda wildlife authority or through any of the registered tour operators who can book the permit for you in advance before your chimp trekking day. The chimp permit currently goes for $150 per person trekking for one hour with the chimps in their natural habitat.

The climate of Uganda

Uganda experiences two climatic seasons that’s is the hot and the wet season that is to say, the climate of Uganda is relatively hot and dry through out the year. This means that Uganda can be visited all year round. The climate is conducive and suitable for human and animal survival. it has also enabled agricultural practices and because of the good climate, people are able to growing fruits that you will enjoy while on your safari visit in Uganda.

The source of the Nile

The longest river in the world known as the source of the Nile starts in Uganda and flows through up to the Mediterranean Sea. Visit Uganda and have time to take a boat cruise on the source of the Nile, white water rafting in Jinja and you will definitely believe that the largest water body known as the river Nile originates in Uganda, Uganda indeed is a pearl of Africa.

Rwenzori mountains

Uganda has other volcanoes such as Elgon, Muhavura and Mgahinga all there for hikers and trekkers. But Mount Rwenzori remains the third highest mountain in Africa. During your visit in Uganda, take time and hike to the top of mount Rwenzori. Climbing mount Rwenzori is not only adventurous but even more challenging than the other two mountains that is (Kilimanjaro and Kenya).

Hospitable people

Uganda is known to be having very nice and hospital people that are so welcoming and willing to help. Visit Uganda, and you will love the people of Uganda. Uganda is rich in cultural diversities with different ways of living. A visit to the local communities, will expose you to so many cultural activities like traditional dances, local foods, art and craft and many more activities on the country side.

Political stability

Uganda has a country is politically stable and free from wars for the last 30 years, worry no more about the security of Uganda because the government has taken a key role in ensuring that there is peace and stability in the county. Therefore, all travelers visiting Uganda, are assure of safety and peaceful stay since the government has cabbed the rampant wars and violence for the last past years.