Akagera National Park Wildlife

After the civil wars that affected Akagera national park, rehabilitation programs for the park was conducted by the Rwanda Development Board which patterned together with other Africa national parks to revive the wildlife of Akagera national park. Therefore as we speak, the program was a successful one where a lot of animals were reintroduced in the park thus the rebirth of other populations of wildlife animals. Credit is given to rwanda government for the efforts made to ensure that the park regains its wildlife to an extend that is one of great top Rwanda Safari destination to enjoy wildlife viewing in the natural habitat.

Akagera national park is one of the best spot destinations where travelers will find all the African big five animals such as the elephants, the African buffaloes, leopards, the lions plus the black rhinos. These coexist together with other wildlife animals such as giraffes, the hippos, the antelopes, impalas, the wild dogs, huge numbers of zebras, waterbucks, the baboons, crocodiles among others.

Akagera national park is home to over 480 bird species where some are endemic spices thus it one of the best spot destination for bird lovers. A game drive or boat cruse in Akagera national park will offer you an insight to enjoy a viewing a lot of bird species such as the marabou stork, the open billed stork, cormorants, the African fish Eagle, the herons, black headed ganolex, lilac breasted roller, swamp fly catcher, the ross’s turaco, the red faced barbet, black headed weaver, African Jacana, the white-browed coucal, fork tailed Drongo, saddle billed stork, African grey hornbill, long crested eagle, white faced whistling duck, woodland kingfisher, palm-nut vulture, Cattle egret, grey crowned crane among other species. The bird species in Akagera national park can be spotted on lake and river showers, in the swamps of the park, some will be spotted in the savannah grassland and woodland among other places of the park, this can be either on a nature walk or on game drive, or boat cruise adventure experience on Akagera Rivers and lakes.